2023 Alpinestars

Alpinestars Helmet tower 482-9984A 482-9984B 482-9984C CODE OS SZ size OS price $ 489.95 This MX Helmets Tower allows you to display up to 12 MX Helmets There is also space to showcase 4 additional helmets in their original packaging. As it comes on casters, it will be very easy to place it in the most visible area of your store. BNS display 482-9992 CODE OS SZ This plexiglassmade logo comes with a 3D effect thanks to its special construction. Ideal for the gloves counter, the till desk, on clothing shelves on anywhere in the store to add a premium touch. size OS price $ 144.95 Fluid Brace display 482-9993 CODE OS SZ Developed for use in all pegboard and slatwall applications to present Alpinestars FLUID series knes brace in a realistic manner while still allowing cosumer to interact with product. size OS price $ 164.95 Astars footwear shelves (6 pack) 482-9995 CODE os SZ Made from plexiglass with a screened, permanent logo, this boot shelf slots into slatwalls for a striking, consistent presentation. Sold in packs of 6 units. size OS price $ 48.95 193