2023 Alpinestars

MX Helmet Slatwall Shelf size OS 482-9981 CODE OS SZ price $ 11.95 Peg Hooks (pack of 6) size OS 482-9982 CODE OS SZ price $ 149.95 MX Slattwall Faceout Hanger (pack of 3) 482-9983 CODE OS SZ size OS price $ 14.95 Astars counter plexi logo 482-68811 BLACK WHITE RED OS SZ Astars plexi wall logo 482-9990 CODE OS SZ size OS price $ 119.95 Made from a 3mm plexiglass, this high-quality signage is ideal to mark an Alpinestars area or to enrich the store’s overall look. Astars Umbrella size OS price $ 68.95 size OS price $ 91.95 This plexiglassmade logo comes with a 3D effect thanks to its special construction. Ideal for the gloves counter, the till desk, on clothing shelves on anywhere in the store to add a premium touch. 482-9991 CODE OS SZ 192