2022 Apparel

x X X X X 80 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX HELMET SPEED CLIP WPS# List 27-1083 $10.00 FEATURES RATCHET HINGE Full-flip shield mounted to a leather grain non-glare peak. Aerodynamic styling gives a clean uncluttered look plus excellent riding characteristics. Designed for maximum safety and convenience. The molded G.E. Lexan polycarbonate fog free shield is treated with Hydron II. ARMOR CLAD & FOG FREE FLIP-UP SHIELDS MXL HYDRON™ Exceeds Z87.1 and VESC-8 Description WPS# List Hi-visibility Armor Clad 27-10281 $28.95 • Armor Clad shields have a hard scratch resistant coating • Fog Free shields keep your field of vision clear • Quickly adapts a heated shield cord to the sleds or ATVs accessory outlet • Deluxe adaptor uses RCA type plug connector used on most electric shields and accessories • Includes indicator light and replaceable fuse DELUXE HEATED SHIELD ADAPTOR WPS# List 42-9102 $14.95 3 SNAP VISORS Description WPS# List Bubble, Black 72-0013 $8.95 3 SNAP FLIP-SHIELD Description WPS# List 3 Snap shield, Clear 72-0015 $17.95 A 3 Snap shield, Smoke 72-0016 $17.95 B Double lens anti-fog, Clear 72-0017 $24.95 A B Mounted on top of the helmet, this self-adhesive open reticulated foam (5mm thickness, 60 PPI) sheds dirt and mud like a duck sheds water. Description WPS# List White 716-6000 $19.95 HELMET MUD DEFLECTOR FOAM Description WPS# List A Bubble Shield 3-Snap Flip-Up Blue Iridium 72-0022 $24.95 B Bubble Shield 3-Snap Flip-Up Clear 72-0018 $19.95 C Bubble Shield 3-Snap Flip-Up Dark Smoke 72-0020 $19.95 D Bubble Shield 3-Snap Flip-Up Silver Iridium 72-0021 $24.95 E Bubble Shield 3-Snap Flip-Up Smoke 72-0019 $19.95 • UV400 • Flip-up shield • Fits most helmet brands with 3 snap configuration • Use with open face or half helmets UNIVERSAL FLIP-UP BUBBLE SHIELD C D E HELMET ACCESSORIES