2022 Apparel

x X X X X 81.1 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX Description WPS# List 400 ml 12/case 81-0199 $14.99 ea Muc-Off Foam Fresh is a highly effective, easy to use foam cleaner which is ideal for helmet liners or any soft material which comes into contact with the rider. Foam Fresh has an instant foaming action, which gently agitates dirt and grime away from the surface leaving a fresh Citric Burst fragrance. Even the cleanest looking riding gear benefits from this uniquely formulated product. It’s awesome for use on pads, gloves, shoes, helmet liners to body armor, you can freshen up any of your riding gear with Foam Fresh. It’ll also help get rid of dodgy smells with its citrus fragrance. FOAM FRESH • Gentle on fabrics • Provides freshness for up to 10+ washes Easy to use spray on application in a 250ml spray bottle • Effective against odor caused by bacteria for functional freshness • Triple effect odor remover using SILVERPLUS® silver ion technology • Perfect for staying clean and fresh during periods of intense activity such as multi-day bike park sessions, or adventure races when it’s harder to wash your kit • Suitable and safe to use on most riding equipment and textiles (technical, sportswear, socks, shoes, body armor, helmets, pads, liners, and gloves made from textile or leather) • Suitable to use on leather, suede, cotton, poly cotton, soft shell, technical fabrics & synthetics ANTI ODOR SPRAY Description WPS# List 250 ml 12/case 81-2507 $15.99 ea • Replenishes waterproofing coating on outdoor clothing • PFC Free, water-based formula • Not harmful to you or the environment • Does not impact breathability of garments • Extends life and performance of garments • Helps to repel wet mud and grime and protects against ground-in stains • Can be used on any technical or waterproof/water repellent fabric including Gore Tex®, Polartec®, Pertex®, eVent®, and soft-shell or hard-shell clothing and down-filled garments • Will treat 1-2 garments per bottle • Lasts 10+ washes RAIN SHIELD RE-PROOFER Description WPS# List 250 ml 12/case 81-2506 $12.99 ea HELMET ACCESSORIES