2022 Apparel

x X X X X 77 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX EXO - AT950 • DOT Certified • Easy use flip up chin bar • Ultra-lightweight advanced LG® polycarbonate shell • Aero-tuned ventilation • Kwikwick® II washable anti-microbial comfort liner • Removable Peak • 3-Step Everclear® Speedview® drop down sun visor • Communication system speaker pockets • Snow ready models come with dual pane shields Introducing the EXO-AT950, a versatile modular adventure touring helmet. It has features and quality that you would expect to pay far more. The EXO-AT950 can be used as a full face adventure helmet with external peak visor attached, or the peak visor can be removed and you have an aerodynamic touring helmet. The no-fog Everclear® face shield can be removed and you can use the EXO-AT950 as a dirt helmet with goggles for off-road use. Our oversized eye port is extremely wide for greater peripheral vision and downward visibility, and the modular chin bar can be conveniently flipped up when you stop to get gas or ask for directions. The internal drop down sun visor and Kwikwick® II liner will keep you comfortable all day long even as lighting conditions change throughout the day. Three shell sizes made of advanced LG® polycarbonate and dual density eps, result in a helmet that is light weight, strong, and protective. Cold Weather Dual Pane Shield XS SM MD LG XL 2X 3X List A Matte Black Snow 75-1503S 75-1503M 75-1503L 75-1503X 75-15032X 75-15033X $269.95 B Ellwood Hi-Vis 75-2003S 75-2003M 75-2003L 75-2003X 75-20032X 75-20033X $289.95 C Ellwood Phantom 75-2004S 75-2004M 75-2004L 75-2004X 75-20042X 75-20043X $289.95 D Ellwood Red 75-2005S 75-2005M 75-2005L 75-2005X 75-20052X 75-20053X $289.95 E Outrigger Matte Blue 75-1522S 75-1522M 75-1522L 75-1522X 75-15222X 75-15223X $289.95 F Outrigger Matte Grey 75-1520S 75-1520M 75-1520L 75-1520X 75-15202X 75-15203X $289.95 G Outrigger White/Grey 75-1521S 75-1521M 75-1521L 75-1521X 75-15212X 75-15213X $289.95 COLD WEATHER ELECTRIC SHIELD A Matte Black Electric 75-1508XS 75-1508S 75-1508M 75-1508L 75-1508X 75-15082X 75-15083X $339.95 B Ellwood Hi-Vis 75-2000S 75-2000M 75-2000L 75-2000X 75-20002X 75-20003X $359.95 C Ellwood Phantom 75-2001S 75-2001M 75-2001L 75-2001X 75-20012X 75-20013X $359.95 D Ellwood Red 75-2002S 75-2002M 75-2002L 75-2002X 75-20022X 75-20023X $359.95 E Outrigger Matte Blue E75-1521S E75-1521M E75-1521L E75-1521X E75-15212X E75-15213X $359.95 F Outrigger Matte Grey E75-1520S E75-1520M E75-1520L E75-1520X E75-15202X E75-15203X $359.95 G Outrigger White/Grey E75-1522S E75-1522M E75-1522L E75-1522X E75-15222X E75-15223X $359.95 G A C E B D F See page 87 for custom fitting chart See page 113 for replacement parts and accessories COLD WEATHER HELMETS WOMEN’S MEN’S YOUTH