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x X X X X 60 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX Color XS SM MD LG XL 2X List SOLID A Glossy White 482-9100XS 482-9100S 482-9100M 482-9100L 482-9100X 482-91002X $499.95 B Matte Black 482-9101XS 482-9101S 482-9101M 482-9101L 482-9101X 482-91012X $499.95 GRAPHICS C Echo Black/Grey/Red Fluo 482-9133XS 482-9133S 482-9133M 482-9133L 482-9133X 482-91332X $529.95 D Echo Black/Anthricite 482-9134XS 482-9134S 482-9134M 482-9134L 482-9134X 482-91342X $529.95 E Echo Black/Yellow 482-9135XS 482-9135S 482-9135M 482-9135L 482-9135X 482-91352X $529.95 F Factory Black/White/Red Fluo 482-9136XS 482-9136S 482-9136M 482-9136L 482-9136X 482-91362X $529.95 G Factory Black/Yellow Fluo/Blue 482-9137XS 482-9137S 482-9137M 482-9137L 482-9137X 482-91372X $529.95 H Factory Dark Blue/Orange/Yellow Fluo 482-9138XS 482-9138S 482-9138M 482-9138L 482-9138X 482-91382X $529.95 I Radium Black/Grey/Teal 482-9115XS 482-9115S 482-9115M 482-9115L 482-9115X 482-91152X $529.95 J Radium Black/Grey/Yellow 482-9117XS 482-9117S 482-9117M 482-9117L 482-9117X 482-91172X $529.95 K Radium Red/Black/Grey 482-9116XS 482-9116S 482-9116M 482-9116L 482-9116X 482-91162X $529.95 L Triple Red/White Gloss 482-9112XS 482-9112S 482-9112M 482-9112L 482-9112X 482-91122X $529.95 M Triple Silver/Black/Yellow Fluo 482-9113XS 482-9113S 482-9113M 482-9113L 482-9113X 482-91132X $529.95 At the outset of the MX helmet project, Alpinestars product philosophy was applied and a set of specific objectives set: - Create the most advanced, protective and performance enhancing helmet possible. - Primary objective: protection – to create the most high performance protection possible. - Secondary objective: to give excellent ventilation, comfort and reduced weight. SUPERTECH M8 Alpinestars approach to the creation of the advanced technology in the Supertech M8 draws on its depth of experience from over half a decade of world class innovation across the spectrum of motorsports and especially, its deep rooted commitment to motocross. As with all other categories of technology that Alpinestars has mastered, bringing a new, highly complex, product to fruition requires specialist experience and know-how and a project plan led by the best brains in protection development. The S-M8 shell has been profiled with performance as a priority and with a design style that identifies the profile of the helmet and its sculpted surface as uniquely ‘Alpinestars’. Another key feature is the S-M8 shell sizing solution; each helmet fit size has its own appropriate shell size to deliver the most anatomical solution for the wide variety of fit needs worldwide. I • ECE/DOT • Shell construction utilizes a highly advanced molding technology with a multi-composite combination: uni-directional carbon composite with aramid layer that gives significant radial strength around the shell, reventing compression but allowing controlled deflection for reducing transmitted impact energy, and providing critical penetration protection • 4 anatomical shell sizes • Multi-density EPS polymer liner • Patented A-Head fitting height and angel adjustment system • Unique, patented visor release system • Collarbone protection feature at the shell base • Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) • Emergency Release System (ERS) • Eject inflation system fitment inside the crown of the shell • Adult Medium = 2.9lbs See pages 133 for replacement parts and accessories OFFROAD HELMETS WOMEN’S YOUTH MEN’S