2022 Apparel

x X X X X 58 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX MX-46Y A B C D E F The MX-46Y is one of the lightest DOT youth helmets on the market at just 2.2lb. With the one shell in youth it can be custom fitted all the way from youth small to youth large. This way the helmet can grow as they do. The 19 vents create maximum airflow keeping you cool and comfortable lap after lap. Interchangeable Interiors List CHEEK PADS 30mm Youth Small 72-3897 $16.95 25mm Youth Medium 72-3898 $16.95 20mm Youth Large 72-3899 $16.95 COMFORT LINER 15mm Youth Small 72-3908 $14.95 12mm Youth Medium 72-3909 $14.95 9mm Youth Large 72-3910 $14.95 See pages 127-131 for replacement parts and accessories See page 120 for custom fitting chart Graphic / Color YS YM YL List GRAPHIC A Anim8 Blue/Silver/Black 72-6636YS 72-6636YM 72-6636YL $99.95 B Anim8 Dark Silver/Black 72-6640YS 72-6640YM 72-6640YL $99.95 C Anim8 Dark Silver/Green 72-6639YS 72-6639YM 72-6639YL $99.95 D Anim8 Orange/Yellow/Silver 72-6641YS 72-6641YM 72-6641YL $99.95 E Anim8 Red/Black/Silver 72-6638YS 72-6638YM 72-6638YL $99.95 F Anim8 White/Neon Pink/Purple 72-6637YS 72-6637YM 72-6637YL $99.95 • DOT Approved • One shell can be adjusted to three different sizes so the helmet can grow as your child grows • Maximum air flow is achieved through industry leading 19 vents • Removable, adjustable, washable interior allows for easy cleaning and custom fitting • High flow, removable mouth vent with washable filter • Vented roost deflector • Fully adjustable, flexible and vented visor designed for maximum vision and protection • Lightweight Shell. Youth only 2.2lb. • Optional cold weather breath guard is available P/N - 72-3407 SCAN FOR ADDITIONAL IMAGES OFFROAD HELMETS WOMEN’S YOUTH MEN’S