2022 Apparel

x X X X X 43 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX MOMENTUM EVO HELMET THE EVOLUTION OF THE ORIGINAL SMART HELMET • DOT and ECE certified • Bluetooth 4.1 • Integrated Mesh Intercom™ Technology • Composite fiberglass shell available in MD, LG, XL • A new oval-shaped fit for easy wear • A contoured exterior for a sleek look • An improved ventilation system and chin curtain • Redesigned liner and pads for comfort and safety • Multi-way intercom up to 2K (1.2 miles) • Audio multitasking™ • Built-in speakers & mic • Advanced noise control™ • Voice command • Fm radio • Remote control compatible Next Gen. Mark II. Reimagined. Call it what you’d like, but the EVOlution of design, fit and function of the Momentum EVO defines the future of Sena’s smart helmet line. Color MD LG XL List Matte Black 843-01900M 843-01900L 843-01900X $399.00 Color SM MD L XL 2X List A Glossy White 843-02056S 843-02056M 843-02056L 843-02056X 843-020562X $259.00 B Matte Black 843-02057S 843-02057M 843-02057L 843-02057X 843-020572X $259.00 • ECE/DOT • Bluetooth 5.0 • Up to four-way Intercom • Two way HD Intercom • Audio Multitasking • Working distance: up to 900 m (0.6 mi) • Talk time: up to 12 hours • Smart Intercom Pairing • Sena Utility App Supported OUTRUSH R FLIP UP HELMET The new, and much improved OUTRUSH R, is a three-button version, with an upgraded communications module, and features HD Speakers, Bluetooth 5.0 connection for the music, calls, and GPS, four-way intercom, up to 12 hours of talk time, fast charging via USB-C, and support for Sena Utility App, as well as, Smart Intercom Pairing. A B See page 111 for replacement parts and accessories Replacement Clear Shield 843-02055 List $14.99 STREET HELMETS WOMEN’S MEN’S YOUTH