2022 Apparel

x X X X X 28 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX HH-65 NAKED A B C D E F G H • DOT Approved • COOLMAX® interior keeps you dry and comfortable. COOLMAX® CORE Technology wicks moisture away from your body and dries quickly • Removable interior allows for easy cleaning • Comfort liner, shell and EPS designed for maximum venting to reduce heat at the top of the head • Helmet comes with two retractable, hard coated 100% UV400 resistant sun shields that are designed for a quick and tool-less removal and replacement. One clear and one dark smoke tinted • Removable, snap in neck curtain keeps you warm during cool weather riding. Includes pockets for intercom speakers • Dual-density EPS technology allows for a low profile look and fit • Intercom Compatible The HH-65 Naked is the alter ego to our Full Dressed model without the peak visor. For those riders who want a cleaner modern look but do not want to give up all of the features of the Full Dressed, the naked has you covered. Color / Graphic XS SM MD LG XL 2X List SOLID A Black 72-5442XS 72-5442S 72-5442M 72-5442L 72-5442X 72-54422X $84.95 B Matte Black 72-5443XS 72-5443S 72-5443M 72-5443L 72-5443X 72-54432X $84.95 C Matte White 72-5444XS 72-5444S 72-5444M 72-5444L 72-5444X 72-54442X $84.95 GRAPHIC D Bravery Matte Black/Grey 72-5647XS 72-5647S 72-5647M 72-5647L 72-5647X 72-56472X $89.95 E Bravery Matte Black/Red/White/Blue 72-5648XS 72-5648S 72-5648M 72-5648L 72-5648X 72-56482X $89.95 F Devotion Matte Black/Silver 72-5451XS 72-5451S 72-5451M 72-5451L 72-5451X $89.95 G Ghost/RIP Matte Black/Silver 72-5446XS 72-5446S 72-5446M 72-5446L 72-5446X 72-54462X $89.95 H Ritual Matte Black/Silver 72-5452XS 72-5452S 72-5452M 72-5452L 72-5452X 72-54522X $89.95 I Rose Matte Black/Silver 72-5447XS 72-5447S 72-5447M 72-5447L 72-5447X $89.95 J Source Black/Copper 72-5661XS 72-5661S 72-5661M 72-5661L 72-5661X 72-56612X $89.95 K Source Black/Pink 72-5663XS 72-5663S 72-5663M 72-5663L 72-5663X $89.95 L Source Matte Black/Silver 72-5662XS 72-5662S 72-5662M 72-5662L 72-5662X 72-56622X $89.95 M Tormentor Matte Black/Silver 72-5445XS 72-5445S 72-5445M 72-5445L 72-5445X 72-54452X $89.95 I J K M See page 95 for custom fitting chart See pages 108 for replacement parts and accessories L Optional Shields List Clear 72-1735 $16.95 Smoke 72-1731 $16.95 Silver Iridium 72-1739 $16.95 Hi-Def Amber 72-1733 $16.95 Hi-Def Yellow 72-1737 $16.95 SCAN FOR ADDITIONAL IMAGES STREET HELMETS WOMEN’S YOUTH MEN’S