2022 Apparel

x X X X X 16 STREET HELMETS OFFROAD HELMETS COLD WEATHER HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES COMMUNICATION ELECTRONICS EYEWEAR STREET APPAREL OFFROAD APPAREL SNOW APPAREL BASELAYER / HEATED GEAR GLOVES FOOTWEAR PROTECTIVE BACKPACKS / GEAR BAGS CASUAL ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL INDEX GM-49Y YOUTH Kids know riding is fun and GMAX® makes it even more fun with the GM-49Y. With the availability of three interchangeable interior sizes, the helmet can be custom fit to make the child safe and comfortable. Parents will be happy knowing that their little one is protected in a light weight, DOT approved helmet that they will love wearing. Color / Graphic YS YM YL List SOLID A Black 72-4940YS 72-4940YM 72-4940YL $89.95 GRAPHIC B Beasts Neon Green/HI-Vis 72-4993YS 72-4993YM 72-4993YL $99.95 C Beasts Blue/Orange/Grey 72-4994YS 72-4994YM 72-4994YL $99.95 D Beasts Orange/Blue/Grey 72-4995YS 72-4995YM 72-4995YL $99.95 E Beasts Pink/Purple/Grey 72-4996YS 72-4996YM 72-4996YL $99.95 F Beasts Red/Blue/Grey 72-4997YS 72-4997YM 72-4997YL $99.95 G Beasts Dark Silver/Black 72-4998YS 72-4998YM 72-4998YL $99.95 B D E F G C A Interchangeable Interiors WPS# List CHEEK PADS 40mm Youth Small 72-1630 $19.95 30mm Youth Medium 72-1631 $19.95 25mm Youth Large 72-1632 $19.95 COMFORT LINER Youth Small 72-1635 $14.95 Youth Medium 72-1636 $14.95 Youth Large 72-1637 $14.95 • DOT Approved • One shell size with removable, washable interior that can be adjusted to three different sizes so the helmet can grow as your child grows • Intake and Exhaust vents aligned with superior channeling to maintain a constant airflow to help pull in fresh air and removed hot air • Quick change "Maximum Seal" shields available in single and anti-fog dual lens • Large eye port for improved range of vision • Lightweight Poly Alloy shell 2.9lb • Intercom Compatible SCAN FOR ADDITIONAL IMAGES See page 93 for custom fitting chart See pages 106 for replacement parts and accessories STREET HELMETS WOMEN’S YOUTH MEN’S