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x X X X X 93 • Class-Leading Mileage for Touring Bikes • Commander® III Touring tires offer an average of 25% longer tread life among leading competitors2 • Exceptional Wet Grip for Cruiser Bikes • Commander® III Cruiser tires offer the best wet grip and the shortest stopping distances in wet conditions among leading competitors1 Performance Without Compromise • Commander® III tires deliver enhanced wet grip AND exceptional longevity Michelin’s Premium Touch™ Technology • The patented sidewall design of the Commander® III tires enhance the styling of V-Twin motorcycles THE NEWEST MICHELIN® TIRE for ALL TYPES of V-TWIN, CRUISERS and TOURING BIKES Size Speed/Load Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 130/90B-16 REINF (73H) TL 87-93741 $324.95 MT90/90B-16 (72H) TL 87-93770 $273.95 130/80B-17 (65H) TL 87-93742 $329.95 130/70B-18 (63H) TL 87-93746 $313.95 120/70R-19 (60V) TL 87-93760 $337.95 130/60B-19 (61H) TL 87-93764 $258.95 MH90/90-21 (54H) TL 87-93771 $226.95 120/70B-21 REINF (68H) TL 87-93748 $355.95 REAR MU85/90B-16 REINF (77H) TL 87-93773 $344.95 180/65B-16 REINF (81H) TL 87-93756 $416.95 180/55B-18 REINF (80H) TL 87-93767 $426.95 Size Speed/Load Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 130/90B-16 REINF (73H) TL 87-93740 $319.95 140/75R-17 (67V) TL 87-93743 $333.95 100/90B-19 (57H) TL 87-93744 $247.95 110/90B-19 (62H) TL 87-93762 $272.95 80/90-21 REINF (54H) TL 87-93745 $224.95 90/90-21 (54H) TL 87-93747 $261.95 REAR 140/90B-15 REINF (76H) TL 87-93749 $287.95 150/90B-15 (74H) TL 87-93750 $379.95 170/80B-15 (77H) TL 87-93751 $344.95 180/70B-15 (76H) TL 87-93757 $423.95 130/90B-16 REINF (73H) TL 87-93753 $319.95 140/90B-16 REINF (77H) TL 87-93754 $340.95 150/80B-16 REINF (77H) TL 87-93755 $306.95 160/70B-17 (73V) TL 87-93758 $377.95 200/55R-17 (78V) TL 87-93759 $363.95 Front Rear Front Rear COMMANDER® III TOURING COMMANDER® III CRUISER 1 Based on internal test conducted in Fontange, France using a 2016 HarleyDavidson Forty-Eight fitted with 130/90 B 16 front tire and 150/50 B16 rear tire comparing lap times and stopping distances of Commander® III Cruiser tires with METZELER® CruisetecTM, METZELER® M888 MarathonTM Ultra, and DUNLOP® Elite 4 tires. Actual on-road results may vary. 2 Based on third-party test in Dallas, Texas on surface roads using a 2017 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic fitted with 130/80 B 17 front tire and 180/65 B16 rear tire comparing wear rates of Commander® III Touring tires with METZELER® M888 MarathonTM Ultra, and DUNLOP® American Elite tires. Actual results may vary. COMMANDER® III STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX V–TWIN