2024 TWTC

x X X X X 41 SPORTMAX Q5® The SPORTMAX Q5 utilizes the very best technologies Dunlop has to offer for a track tire that is still street legal. SPORTMAX Q5S • Enhanced constructions, profiles, compounds and tread patterns allows the Q5S to provide lighter and nimbler handling and improved dry and wet grip to make it even more user-friendly all while maintaining class-leading durability. • Multi-Tread™ technology utilizes a long-wearing compound in the center of the rear tread flanked by lateral-grip compounds, giving riders outstanding mileage without sacrificing handling or grip. • Updated front and rear compounds offer improved grip and warmup times. • Intuitive Response Profile™ (IRP) technology allows greater latitude in line choice while cornering, plus amazingly linear steering. • Optimized tread pattern design aids in quicker warm-up times and improved wear characteristics. Size Load/ Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 110/70ZR17 (54W) TL 873-0821 $219.95 120/70ZR17 (58W) TL 873-0822 $232.98 REAR 140/70ZR17 (66W) TL 873-0823 $280.95 150/60ZR17 (66W) TL 873-0824 $260.95 160/60ZR17 (69W) TL 873-0825 $276.95 180/55ZR17 (73W) TL 873-0826 $292.95 190/50ZR17 (73W) TL 873-0827 $322.95 190/55ZR17 (75W) TL 873-0828 $337.95 200/55ZR17 (78W) TL 873-0829 $348.95 Size Load/ Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 110/70ZR17 (54W) TL 873-0810 $250.95 120/70ZR17 (58W) TL 873-0811 $259.95 REAR 140/70ZR17 (66W) TL 873-0812 $278.95 150/60ZR17 (66W) TL 873-0813 $277.95 160/60ZR17 (69W) TL 873-0814 $307.95 180/55ZR17 (73W) TL 873-0815 $310.95 180/60ZR17 (75W) TL 873-0816 $317.95 190/50ZR17 (73W) TL 873-0817 $353.95 190/55ZR17 (75W) TL 873-0818 $362.95 200/55ZR17 (78W) TL 873-0819 $407.95 200/60ZR17 (80W) TL 873-0820 $417.95 • Developed by the same engineers and manufactured on the same machines as MotoAmerica race slicks. • Even more user-friendly, as dry and wet grip, tire compliance, and warm-up times have all been improved. • New race tire derived compounds provide incredible grip. • Updated profiles increase footprints at more extreme lean angles to give you more tire on the road for more grip and less slip. • Do not require tire warmers for track use. FRONT REAR FRONT REAR STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX STREET