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x X X X X 188 MU9H MU511/MU521 RAZR XT Size Ply Rating WPS # List 28X9.00R-15 6 577-9020 $220.57 28X11.00R-15 6 577-9021 $261.28 Size Ply WPS# List 30x10R14 8 577-9022 $373.03 32x10R15 8 577-9023 $391.00 33x10R15 8 577-9024 $405.19 Based on the Maxxis Coronado, and specially designed as original equipment for the Honda Talon. The MU9H is built for speed as well as responsive steering and reliable traction. With excellent shock absorption, the MU9H also delivers a comfortable ride. • Based on the Coronado • Specifically designed for Honda Talon • Great steering response and traction • Better bump absorption • Designed as original equipment for select Polaris Ranger models, the MU511/MU521 are ready to work. Featuring a generous contact patch and a robust, 6 ply-rated carcass, the MU511 front and the even wider MU521 rear ensure that you can haul heavy loads with ease. With a tread pattern similar to the Ceros, the MU511/MU521 also offers excellent traction and tread wear. Tall blocks and large void areas clear mud easily, so rainy, muddy weather is no problem for the MU511/MU521. • Superior traction • Durable, with sustained tread wear • 6-Ply-Rated construction • Tire of choice for 2021 King of the Hammers Desert Challenge UTV champion Kyle Chaney. • Steel-belted radial construction with exceptional cornering and steering qualities. • Shoulder blocks extending over the sidewall improve traction in desert terrain while the center tread block design and arrangement are optimized to provide traction in a variety of terrains. • New compound provides increased tear resistance and sidewall stiffness for even more traction. • 8-ply-rated Size Ply Rating WPS# List 27X9.00-12 6 577-9014 $220.19 27X11.00-12 6 577-9015 $231.26 27X9.00R-14 6 577-9016 $247.35 Size Ply Rating WPS# List 27X11.00R-14 6 577-9017 $281.53 29X9.00R-14 6 577-9018 $297.62 29X11.00R-14 6 577-9019 $318.74 STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX ATV / UTV