2024 Snow Catalog

x X X X X 53 BARRYVOX AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVERS Description WPS # List Barryvox S 621-5008 $549.95 Description WPS # List Barryvox 621-5012 $384.95 • The new Barryvox® S has a large receiving bandwidth and an effective search strip width of 70 meters. • Digital/analog combo device with three antennas. • It offers users a large, simple interface and intuitive operation. • The Smart Search function provides clear instructions thanks to a simple operating concept and quick, precise searching. • The Barryvox® S includes the Rescue SEND function to protect non-searching rescuers. • In the event of a secondary avalanche, the device automatically switches to SEND in order to locate buried rescuers. • The Barryvox® S is also equipped with a Smart Search function, which interacts with the actions of searching rescuers. • The Barryvox® scores well on simple navigation and clear instructions. • A digital three-antenna device reduced to the essential functions. • With a large receiving bandwidth and an effective search strip width of 70 meters, it offers users a simple interface and intuitive operation. • From an easy-to-read display to buttons that can be operated even wearing gloves, shock-proof and break-proof housing and a revolutionarily simple visual interface, the Barryvox® shows that powerful performance and sophisticated search guidance do not need to be complicated. BARRYVOX S BARRYVOX ALUGATOR PRO LIGHT SHOVEL • You can rely on the Alugator Pro Light in extreme situations. • The avalanche shovel features a hardened and anodized aluminum blade that can cut through the snow in the avalanche deposit. • The ergonomically shaped grip provides efficient transfer of strength, while the stabilization ribs afford high resilience. • The straight blade back is perfect for cutting straight snow profiles. • With its Safety Orange design, the Alugator Pro Light rounds out your safety equipment. Description WPS # List Alugator Pro Light 621-5014 $89.95 ALUGATOR RIDE 3.0 HOE SHOVEL • Completes your safety equipment: • The Alugator Ride 3.0 Hoe offers the ideal balance between a robust, ergonomically shaped D-grip and a space-saving blade design for optimal shovel control. • The variable shaft positioning also allows the shovel to be used as a 90° pick to clear snow easily. Description WPS # List Alugator Ride 3.0 Hoe 621-5015 $89.95 • A savior in time of need: • The high-performance tiltproof design of the Alugator Pro Light blade, together with the ergonomically shaped D-grip, offers maximum stability and transfer of strength when shoveling. • The variable positioning of the shaft also allows the Alugator Pro to be used as a 90° pick and completes your safety equipment as a reliable shovel. ALUGATOR PRO LIGHT HOE SHOVEL Description WPS # List Alugator Pro Light Hoe 621-5013 $109.95 Description WPS # List Alugator Ultra 621-5019 $119.95 • Welded construction using ultralight 1mm thin aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum • Telescopic shaft with I-Beam-inspired design for optimal lateral and torsional rigidity, and superior grip • Hardened, anodized aluminum shovel blade • One of the lightest shovels on the market coming in at only 395g ALUGATOR ULTRA SHOVEL SNOW BIKE SURVIVAL SNOWMOBILE ACCESSORIES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES WINDSHIELDS BODY TUNNEL SKIS / RUNNERS FRONT SUSPENSION REAR SUSPENSION SHOCKS TRACKS / STUDS SPROCKETS ELECTRICAL EXHAUST ENGINE AIR / FUEL CLUTCHING BELTS BRAKES CHAIN / SPROCKETS LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL INDEX SURVIVAL