2024 Snow Catalog

x X X X X 34 MOUNTS Description WPS# List ATV/ MX 18-95194 $50.00 Snow 18-95192 $50.00 Snow w/ Hayes Brake Mount 18-95193 $50.00 Snow w/ Hayes Stealth Brake 18-95199 $55.00 Polaris w/ Pro Taper Bars 18-95200 $75.00 FUZION HANDGUARDS • Unique design and flexible yet extremely durable material, crush proof and waterproof • Expanded coverage area sweeps back toward your hand significantly increasing protection from the elements • Features a two position mount and molded from a light-weight closed cell AEPE foam that won’t break • Works great for snowbikes and riding in cold, wet, or muddy conditions • Mount kit not included, must be ordered separately Color WPS# List Black/ Black 18-95073 $70.00 Black/ White 18-95059 $70.00 18-95194 18-95192 18-95193 18-95199 18-95073 18-95059 18-95200 SNOW BIKE SURVIVAL SNOWMOBILE ACCESSORIES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES WINDSHIELDS BODY TUNNEL SKIS /RUNNERS FRONT SUSPENSION REAR SUSPENSION SHOCKS TRACKS/STUDS SPROCKETS ELECTRICAL EXHAUST ENGINE AIR / FUEL CLUTCHING BELTS BRAKES CHAIN / SPROCKETS LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL INDEX SNOW BIKE