2024 Snow Catalog

x X X X X 11 Description WPS# List Universal Number Plate Bag 45-2080 $56.95 FRONT NUMBER PLATE BAG • Conveniently located bag for easy access to all of your essentials (Keys, phone, wallet, tools, water, snacks, etc) • Designed for esthetic appeal without compromising bike functionality • Strategically positioned gap in the rear portion of the bag allows your brake line to move freely • Easy to install. No tools required • Game changer for the Timbersled ARO. Introducing SNOPAX by RotoPaX. Finally, the ideal way to carry enough fuel to go anywhere on snow. WPS# List 451-2925 $269.95 SNOPAX • Snowflap for the Timbersled Mountain Horse • Helps keep debris down when riding • Great for those riding in groups • Made in USA • Kits contains: 1 - snow flap, 1 - strap, 5 - mounting rivets, instructions SNOW BIKE SNOW FLAP WPS # List 10-15100 $55.00 SNOW BIKE SURVIVAL SNOWMOBILE ACCESSORIES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES WINDSHIELDS BODY TUNNEL SKIS / RUNNERS FRONT SUSPENSION REAR SUSPENSION SHOCKS TRACKS / STUDS SPROCKETS ELECTRICAL EXHAUST ENGINE AIR / FUEL CLUTCHING BELTS BRAKES CHAIN / SPROCKETS LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL INDEX SNOW BIKE