2024 Offroad Catalog

AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION EXHAUST BODY / FRAME GRAPHICS / SEATS OFFROAD LUGGAGE SNOW BIKE SECURITY HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS CABLES FOOTPEGS / FOOT CONTROLS INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS LIGHTING / GAUGES BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE PISTONS CLUTCH / DRIVE SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES PIT BIKE CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS INDEX x X X X X 84 • 11” x 16” x 1” • Excellent for use in 4-stroke mufflers • Long lasting high temperature fiberglass • High density needle mat • Peel apart layer design • Made in the USA MUFFLER AND SPARK ARRESTOR REPACK KIT HEAVY DUTY MUFFLER PACKING PRO-PAK SILENCER REPACK KIT • More top quality material at nearly half the cost of other kits • Repack kits attractively packaged • For use in all repackable silencers 2 & 4 cycle motorcycle, ATVs and watercraft • Dual density repack material • Reduced noise levels • Lasts longer than ordinary packing • Allows your engine to operate at peak performance longer SILENCER PACKING WPS# List 06-0001 $8.95 WPS# List 06-0002 $17.95 WPS# List 78-7218 $24.95 EXHAUST SCREEN Stainless steel exhaust screen is used to enclose muffler packing to prevent the packing from blowing out and provides more uniform exhaust flow. WPS# List 78-7217 $17.95 WPS# List 78-7208 $18.95 MUFFLER PACKING • 11” x 16” x 1” • High temperature fiberglass • Great for 2-strokes • Made in the USA • .011” Stainless steel strands interlaced together to form a two layer sheet that is crimped on two sides for easy insertion of muffler packing material • 12” x 18” to fit most mufflers/silencers • Made in the USA EXHAUST