2024 Bicycle

MTB APPAREL BMX RACEWEAR GLOVES HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR PROTECTIVE WEAR CASUAL WEAR GEAR BAGS HYDRATION ACCESSORIES PROMO SIZING CHARTS INDEX x X X X X 76 Color XS SM MD LG XL 2X List 2023 SOLID A Black Matte 482-9200XS 482-9200S 482-9200M 482-9200L 482-9200X 482-92002X $244.95 B White Glossy 482-9201XS 482-9201S 482-9201M 482-9201L 482-9201X 482-92012X $244.95 2023 GRAPHICS C Action Black/Cyan/Fluo Yellow 482-9217XS 482-9217S 482-9217M 482-9217L 482-9217X 482-92172X $279.95 D Action White/Cyan/Blue 482-9219XS 482-9219S 482-9219M 482-9219L 482-9219X 482-92192X $279.95 E Action Red/White/Yellow 482-9218XS 482-9218S 482-9218M 482-9218L 482-9218X 482-92182X $279.95 F Rover Black/Anthracite/Camo 482-9214S 482-9214M 482-9214L 482-9214X 482-92142X $269.95 G Beam Black/Grey/Red 482-9213S 482-9213M 482-9213L 482-9213X $269.95 H Bond Black/Anthracite/Yellow Fluo 482-9212XS 482-9212S 482-9212M 482-9212L 482-9212X 482-92122X $269.95 I Bond Black/Red/Cyan 482-9209XS 482-9209S 482-9209M 482-9209L 482-9209X 482-92092X $269.95 J Bond Silver/Yellow Fluo/Military Green 482-9210XS 482-9210S 482-9210M 482-9210L 482-9210X 482-92102X $269.95 K Bond White/Red 482-9211XS 482-9211S 482-9211M 482-9211L 482-9211X 482-92112X $269.95 L Rover Antracite/Red Fluo/Camo 482-9205XS 482-9205S 482-9205M 482-9205L 482-9205X 482-92052X $269.95 M Rover Antracite/Yellow Fluo/Camo 482-9206XS 482-9206S 482-9206M 482-9206L 482-9206X 482-92062X $269.95 N Rover Sand/Tangerine/Camo 482-9215S 482-9215M 482-9215L 482-9215X 482-92152X $269.95 O Scout Black/Silver 482-9216XS 482-9216S 482-9216M 482-9216L 482-9216X 482-92162X $269.95 SUPERTECH M5 A B C D E F • Lightweight outer shell is constructed from a technologically advanced impact resistant thermoplastic in two sizes. • The visor has been designed to direct air into the ports for enhanced airflow. • Hydration tube channels are integrated into the helmet’s cheek pads for convenience and performance. • The inner and outer surfaces are engineered to minimize the effects of oblique impacts. • Side shell couple with soft EPS foam prevents damage to collarbone in the event of a crash. • Soft textile chin strap is 26mm and is wider than certification requirements for optimal safety and rider comfort. • Multiple density inner liner to ensure the correct density in the correct area for enhanced impact absorption • Emergency release system and removable cheek pads permit the safe and easy removal of the cheek pads while the helmet is still on, while the 3D contoured foam ensures rider comfort. • Patented visor release system ensures the visor is released with the correct predetermined amount of force, irrespective of the angle of impact. • Removable comfort liner with SILVERPLUS® treated anti-bacterial fabrics for excellent moisture wicking, effectively drawing perspiration away from the skin. • Anti-microbial liner is removable and washable. • Stainless steel D-rings to ensure a tight and secure fit. • A size Medium weighs 1370g (DOT). • The SM5 helmet conforms to both DOT certification and ECE homologation for use worldwide. • Maximized ventilation and high levels of heat transfer exchange thanks to multi-air inlets and exhaust ports. HELMETS FAX: 24 hours a day 1-800-326-3813