2024 Bicycle

MTB APPAREL BMX RACEWEAR GLOVES HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR PROTECTIVE WEAR CASUAL WEAR GEAR BAGS HYDRATION ACCESSORIES PROMO SIZING CHARTS INDEX x X X X X 49 TECHSTAR GLOVE A C D B Advanced, stretch fabric for a precise feel with the levers and grips. The glove also boasts a neoprene panel on the knuckle for additional comfort and protection, and a synthetic suede palm for high levels of durability. Designed specifically for professional racing. Ergonomic palm and thumb reinforcements on the grip contact area with hyper flexible perforated suede for enhanced durability. Flexible and ultra-fitted construction for enhanced control with finger gusset for optmized freedom of movement. • Multi-material chassis constructed from stretch and synthetic suede for a performance fit and enhanced durability. • Neoprene insert on the knuckle area for enhanced comfort and protection. • Ergonomic stretch insert on palm for an optimized fit. • Velcro fastener on the inside for a safe and secure closure. • Padded landing zone for increased comfort. • Stretch fourchettes for increased flexibility. Model/Color SM MD LG XL 2X List A Black 482-2474S 482-2474M 482-2474L 482-2474X 482-24742X $44.95 B Blue Ram/Black 482-2477S 482-2477M 482-2477L 482-2477X 482-24772X $44.95 C Mars Red/Black 482-2475S 482-2475M 482-2475L 482-2475X 482-24752X $44.95 D Purple/Black 482-2476S 482-2476M 482-2476L 482-2476X 482-24762X $44.95 FULL BORE YOUTH GLOVE CONSTRUCTION • Upper constructed from a breathable stretch fabric for high levels of rider comfort and an optimized fit • Synthetic suede palm for high levels of durability and grip • Silicon print on fingertips for optimized grip with the bike’s controls FEATURES • Stretch fourchettes for optimal levels of comfort and flexibility • Reinforced thumb patches for enhanced durability and abrasion resistance • Stretch cuff for an optimized fit with a strap closure for security Color 3XS 2XS YXS YS YM YL List A Black/White 482-74043XS 482-74042XS 482-7404XS 482-7404S 482-7404M 482-7404L $27.95 B Blue/Black 482-97763XS 482-97762XS 482-9776XS 482-9776S 482-9776M 482-9776L $27.95 C Bright Red/Black 482-97743XS 482-97742XS 482-9774XS 482-9774S 482-9774M 482-9774L $27.95 D Light Blue/Red Berry/Black 482-24923XS 482-24922XS 482-2492XS 482-2492S 482-2492M 482-2492L $27.95 E Orange/Black 482-97753XS 482-97752XS 482-9775XS 482-9775S 482-9775M 482-9775L $27.95 A B C E D GLOVES Phone: 1-800-999-3388 / 1-877-359-2946