2024 Bicycle

MTB APPAREL BMX RACEWEAR GLOVES HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR PROTECTIVE WEAR CASUAL WEAR GEAR BAGS HYDRATION ACCESSORIES PROMO SIZING CHARTS INDEX x X X X X 177 Description WPS# List A Elbow/knee pads 10-2410 $19.99 Set of 4 B Bike stand 12” and 14” 10-2425 $19.99 each C Replacement wheel/tire 10-2412 $16.99 each D High Traction Wheel/tire set 10-2423 $89.99 pair E Snow skis 10-2414 $34.99 pair F Rocking Base 10-2418 $109.99 G Replacement blank number plate 10-2417 $9.99 BALANCE BIKE ACCESSORIES A. ELBOW/KNEE PAD SET Elbow and knee pads designed for riders 2 to 5 years of age E. SNOW SKI SET Skis attach easily to your Strider for year round fun, sold in pairs B. STRIDER BIKE STAND Store your Strider in an upright position, features an interlocking base to store multiple bikes together C. WHEEL/TIRE ASSEMBLY Replacement wheel/tire assembly, fits front or rear, sold each D. HEAVY DUTY WHEEL/TIRE SET Spoked wheels with pneumatic tires, great for the advanced Strider rider, sold in a set of 2 F. ROCKER BASE Install to both front and rear wheel makes a great rocker G. BLANK NUMBER PLATE ACCESSORIES Phone: 1-800-999-3388 / 1-877-359-2946