2024 ATV Catalog

TRACK KITS WINCH PLOW TOWING / FARM ATV BODY UTV BODY AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION UTV CAB ACCESSORIES ACCESSORY MOUNTS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS ROOFS CARGO MANAGEMENT LIGHTING / GAUGES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS / CABLES INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE EXHAUST AXLES DRIVE BELTS / CHAINS / SPROCKETS BRAKES SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS GAS CANS COVERS / SECURITY TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 160 NAVIGATION BAR BUSHING SEAT CUSHION KIT PEDAL BUSHING KIT FOOTWELL DRAIN PLUG Application Year Black WPS # List Red WPS # List POLARIS RZR 900 XP `13-22 770-7018G $19.95 770-7018R $19.95 RZR 1000 XP `14-22 770-7018G $19.95 770-7018R $19.95 Application Year Red WPS # List POLARIS RZR 800 `08-12 770-7010R $26.95 RZR 800 S `09-14 770-7010R $26.95 RZR XP 900 `11-13 770-7010R $26.95 RZR XP 1000 `14-17 770-7010R $26.95 Application Year Black WPS # List Red WPS # List POLARIS RZR 800 S `13-14 770-7012G $12.95 770-7012R $12.95 RZR XP 900 `13-17 770-7012G $12.95 770-7012R $12.95 RZR XP 1000 `14-17 770-7012G $12.95 770-7012R $12.95 • Floor Drain Plugs are the perfect fit for your Polaris RZR and General • Your Polaris is designed to handle rugged trail, watery mud holes, and sandy deserts and these floor drain plugs make it easy to clean up after your fun in the sun • Your OE plugs are made of rubber, which over time will not only corrode and crack but the plastic tabs holding them in will break causing your plug to fall or be kicked out. Energy Suspension's plugs are made entirely of polyurethane and are impervious to corrosion and breaks, making them the best choice for your RZR or General. Application Year Black WPS # List Red WPS # List POLARIS RZR `14-23 770-7021G $22.95 770-7021R $22.95 General `18-23 770-7021G $22.95 770-7021R $22.95 • Quick and easy installation time you can fix that annoying pedal shimmy and get back to the trails in just a few short minutes • These grommets are a perfect match for your UTV and have an easy install so you can ditch that noisy seat rattle and get back to the trail in no time • Lifetime Warranty • Firmer than rubber allowing your grab handle to deliver constant control • Not only is poly resistant to trail grime/ contaminants, but it is also impervious to oils and other chemicals and will not deteriorate • You can keep your speeds high and trails rocky with Energy's grab bar bushings, they help decrease rattling noises and bouncing your passenger may experience during some of your more radical driving • With quick and easy install times, to get you back in your RZR and out on the trails in no time UTV CAB ACCESSORIES