2023 Sedona

2023 20 The ultra lightweight Cyclone sand tires bring traction, flotation, predictable turning and sidehilling to a new level. The ultra lightweight rib front completes the Cyclone sand setup. The Cyclone is a proven sand dune tire with experience at major sand parks in the USA. The premium rubber compound used in the Cyclone sand tire is part of the magic with this tire. The rubber is strong, yet flexible and lightweight, to bring a new level of traction while lasting a long time. The Cyclone sand dune tire works well in dry light sand, wet heavy sand, and even in volcanic sand. Size Ply Rating WPS# FRONT RIB 19x6-10 2 570-2000 21x7-10 2 570-2001 Size Ply Rating WPS# REAR PADDLE 20x11-8 Left 2 570-2002L Right 2 570-2002R 20x11-9 Left 2 570-2003L Right 2 570-2003R 20x11-10 Left 2 570-2004L Right 2 570-2004R CYCLONE • Lightweight design • 1” Paddles • Alternating centered dual ribs • 8 large paddle design • Back support ridges for controlled slides on ridge-back dunes