2023 Sedona

2023 16 Do you like MUD?! The Mudda Inlaw offers a deep aggressive lug with 8 Ply puncture resistant RADIAL construction. This tire offers an exceptionally smooth ride and long wear for such an aggressive tire. Mount up the most aggressive mud tire in the Sedona tire lineup and get out there and get dirty with the Mudda InLaw! • 2” deep center lug increases to 2-1/4” at the outside edge to paddle you through mud pits quickly • Ultra strong 8 Ply, puncture resistant RADIAL construction • Superior handling, ride quality, tread life, and grip compared to a 6 PR Bias Ply tire • Tread design wraps down sidewall deep paddling traction • Aggressive mud tread pattern offers exceptional deep mud traction, self cleaning, and is relatively smooth running on transfer sections Size Ply Rating WPS # 28x10R14 8 570-4102 30x10R14 8 570-4100 32x10R14 8 570-4101 MUDDA INLAW