2023 Sedona

sedonatires.com 9 RIDGE SAW Introducing the Sedona Ridge Saw Tire, a premium performance tire at an excellent price! Utilizing the Sedona New Tech carcass for a smooth ride, predictable handling and excellent tread life. From the ranch to the desert the Ridge Saw tire is right at home! • Ultra durable, puncture resistant 8 ply rated new tech carcass • Performance driven crown radius tread profile for precise steering and control • Tire sizes 30" and above are upgraded to an 8pr Radial Carcass for improved performance on todays performance UTV's • Integrated side lugs for added protection and traction in deep ruts • Extremely durable sidewall with inset bead for added protection Size Ply Rating WPS # 24x8-12 8 570-5320 24x10-12 8 570-5321 25x8-12 8 570-5322 25x10-12 8 570-5323 27x9-12 8 570-5324 27x11-12 8 570-5325 27x9-14 8 570-5326 27x11-14 8 570-5327 30x10R14 8 570-5328 33x9.5R15 8 570-5329