2023 Offroad

AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION EXHAUST BODY / FRAME GRAPHICS / SEATS OFFROAD LUGGAGE SNOW BIKE SECURITY HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS CABLES FOOTPEGS / FOOT CONTROLS INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS LIGHTING / GAUGES BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE PISTONS CLUTCH / DRIVE SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES PIT BIKE CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS GAS CANS STANDS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 192 Japanese Track Pack II • The incredibly useful and number one aftermarket fastener kit contains 54 pieces of the hardware riders need and replace most often. Includes M5, M6 & M8 flange bolts, flange nuts, metal locking nuts, t-nuts, washers and screws. Designed for use on late model Japanese motocross and off-road motorcycles CRF Track Pack • 56-piece Track Pack contains hardware in Honda factory style and finish: Sub-frame bolts, fork guard bolts, radiator shroud bolts, M5, M6 & M8 hex flange bolts, t-nuts, Fuji nuts, and more! Designed for full size CR and CRF models KX Track Pack • 48-piece kit contains the washer bolts and shoulder bolts found on Kawasaki’s. Also includes M6 & M8 flange bolts, radiator shroud bolts, fork guard bolts, sub-frame bolts, brake master cylinder bolts, chain slider hardware, t-nuts, flange nuts and more! Designed for full size KX and KXF models YZ Track Pack • 49-pieces of Yamaha style M6 and M8 flange bolts, seat bolts, fork guard bolts, radiator shroud bolts, chain slider bolts, t-nuts, flange nuts and more. Designed for YZ, YZF and WRF models Euro Style Track Pack • 50-piece kit includes M6 & M8 Torx head flange bolts, shroud screws, chain slider bushings, brake pin clips, Torx hardware, sub-frame bolts and M5 flange bolts. Designed for late model KTM motocross and off-road motorcycles Husky Track Pack • Specifically designed for the unique features of the Husqvarna chassis. Each 52 piece kit includes: M5, M6 and M8 Torx head flange bolts, shroud screws, seat bolts, fork guard bolts, fender and side cover fasteners, case cover bolts, brake pin clips, chain slider bushings, and sub-frame bolts. For Husqvarna two- & four-stroke models Track Packs are designed to be small, affordable and exceptional useful. Each has been designed to only contain the bolts, nuts, and other hardware riders need either at the track or on the trail. Saves time and increases profitability when customers request replacement fasteners Description WPS# List JAPANESE TRACK PACKS Track Pack II 020-00101 $16.99 Track Pack II 6/pk Display 020-00102D $101.94 CRF Track Pack II 020-00110 $21.99 CRF TP II 6/pk Display 020-00112D $131.94 KX/KXF Track Pack II 020-00115 $21.99 KX/KXF TP II 6/pk Display 020-00115D $131.94 YZ/YZF Track Pack II 020-00116 $21.99 YZ/YZF TP II 6/pk Display 020-00116D $131.94 EURO TRACK PACKS Euro Style Track Pack 020-00104 $21.99 Euro Style Track Pack 6/pk Display 020-00105D $131.94 Husqvarna `14 + Track Pack 020-00102 $21.99 Husqvarna `14 + Track Pack 6/pk Display 020-00103D $131.94 TRACK PACKS BODY / FRAME