2023 BMX

MTB APPAREL BMX RACEWEAR GLOVES HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR PROTECTIVE WEAR CASUAL WEAR GEAR BAGS HYDRATION ACCESSORIES PROMO SIZING CHARTS INDEX x X X X X 39 A B C E F H F-16 GLOVES PE R FORMANCE •Lightweight protective race glove CONS T RUC T I ON •Four-way stretch finger sidewall for flexibility, comfort, and airflow •Soft-flex logos provide protection and a clean look •Reinforced double layer palm and thumb •Split knuckles with ventilated gusset •Adjustable wrist closure for a secure fit •Silicone finger grippers F I T •Comfortable classic fit: not too tight, not too loose See page 174 for glove size chart Color Y3XS Y2XS YXS YS YM YL List F-16 YOUTH GLOVES A Hi-Vis/Black 376-910Y3XS 376-910Y2XS 376-910YXS 376-910YS 376-910YM 376-910YL $24.95 B Dark Grey/Black 376-911Y3XS 376-911Y2XS 376-911YXS 376-911YS 376-911YM 376-911YL $24.95 C Blue/Grey 376-912Y3XS 376-912Y2XS 376-912YXS 376-912YS 376-912YM 376-912YL $24.95 D Olive Green/Black 376-913Y3XS 376-913Y2XS 376-913YXS 376-913YS 376-913YM 376-913YL $24.95 E Red/Black 376-914Y3XS 376-914Y2XS 376-914YXS 376-914YS 376-914YM 376-914YL $24.95 F Dark Grey/Black/Orange 376-915Y3XS 376-915Y2XS 376-915YXS 376-915YS 376-915YM 376-915YL $24.95 G Grey/Black 376-810Y3XS 376-810Y2XS 376-810YXS 376-810YS 376-810YM 376-810YL $24.95 H Grey/Pink/Blue 376-811Y3XS 376-811Y2XS 376-811YXS 376-811YS 376-811YM 376-811YL $24.95 I Light Grey/Sky Blue 376-812Y3XS 376-812Y2XS 376-812YXS 376-812YS 376-812YM 376-812YL $24.95 Color XS SM MD LG XL 2X 3X List F-16 GLOVES A Hi-Vis/Black 376-910XS 376910S 376-910M 376-910L 376-910X 376-9102X 376-9103X $24.95 B Dark Grey/Black 376-911XS 376-911S 376-911M 376-911L 376-911X 376-9112X 376-9113X $24.95 C Blue/Grey 376-912XS 376-912S 376-912M 376-912L 376-912X 376-9122X 376-9123X $24.95 D Olive Green/Black 376-913XS 376-913S 376-913M 376-913L 376-913X 376-9132X 376-9133X $24.95 E Red/Black 376-914XS 376-914S 376-914M 376-914L 376-914X 376-9142X 376-9143X $24.95 F Dark Grey/Black/Orange 376-915XS 376-915S 376-915M 376-915L 376-915X 376-9152X 376-9153X $24.95 G Grey/Black 376-810XS 376-810S 376-810M 376-810L 376-810X 376-8102X 376-8103X $24.95 H Grey/Pink/Blue 376-811XS 376-811S 376-811M 376-811L 376-811X 376-8112X 376-8113X $24.95 G D I GLOVES Phone: 1-800-999-3388 / 1-877-359-2946