2023 Alpinestars

Designed and developed for a fit that is specific to a youth rider’s anatomy. Frame constructed from injected polymer compound that has been extensively impact tested at performance on a range of off-road surface and varying temperatures. Frame has been ergonomically engineered to promote contact with the helmet during impact – including rear support edge that fits closer to the body and raised chest to avoid hyper-flexion injuries / thus providing a solid surface which instantly channels damaging, compressive impact energy away from the neck and on to the support. Frame’s anatomical profile promotes positive helmet contact in event of a crash while allowing rider freedom of movement. Rear stabilizer system helps keeps support in position and is also designed to channel extreme energy loads away from the spine by transmitting it across the shoulder and helping to avoid serious spinal injury. Ultra-lightweight EVA foam on the support’s underside for comfort and positioning and to distribute the impact force over the widest possible area. Closure system for convenient engagement of support and to facilitate quick removal in case of emergency. The support is supplied with the easy-to-use strap system which allows use over or under the jersey to secure the device on the rider. The Youth Neck Support can be easily integrated with the A-5S Youth Body Armour to ramp up a young rider’s overall protective coverage. According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply to this product: Category 2 under the PPE Directive EU 2016/425. Youth Neck Support size OS price $ 144.95 482-6150 BLACK ORANGE OS SZ 482-6021 BLACK WHITE OS SZ 482-6020 BLACK YELLOW OS SZ Hybrid children’s neck protection with extended tail for position stability. Ergonomic design and engineered shape to fit kids from 6-10 yrs and from 10-14 yrs. Double density core is made from a soft PU foam base embedding a hard layer EVA for energy dissipation. Bottom and internal soft section (neck side) provides comfort for the shoulders and neck, a hard section on the upper part to give stability and provides force distribution when the helmet impacts. Easy to use soft strap closure on the front part. Highly compatible with all other Alpinestars protectors and jackets. External cover can be removed for washing by hook and loop grip opening on the rear. Sequence Youth neck roll size S - XL price $ 46.95 482-6022 482-6023 BLACK RED S/M L/XL SZ 482-6068S 482-6068L BLACK ANTHRACITE ORANGE S/M L/XL SZ 482-6069S 482-6069L BLACK ANTHRACITE BLUE S/M L/XL SZ 103