2022 HardDrive

WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION LUGGAGE / SEATS EXHAUST FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS BATTERIES / CHARGERS LIGHTING / GAUGES FOOTPEGS / FOOT CONTROLS HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES BRAKES BODY / FRAME SUSPENSION WHEELS TIRES / TIRE ACCESSORIES VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS / SECURITY LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDER ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 786 FOX SERIES FLH/FLT AIR SUSPENSION Description Application Year Black List Chrome List w/o Rebound Adjustment FLH/FLT (except `14-Up CVO) `09-20 850-01035 $1399.00 850-01036 $1399.00 w/ Rebound Adjustment FLH/FLT (except `14-Up CVO) `09-20 850-01033 $1599.00 850-01034 $1599.00 Arnott’s stylish new chrome rebound adjustable FOX® Air Suspension System has been custom designed for Harley-Davidson Touring models to give the rider superior control, additional ride comfort settings and fast ride height adjustability. The FOX shock’s custom valving, designed for your motorcycle, provides you with a safe and comfortable ride. Arnott’s patentpending kit offers TruAIR technology with a rugged Goodyear air spring bladder and shock damper design, not an air cylinder or air-assisted unit. For added ride comfort this kit includes FOX’s adjustable rebound control dial so you can quickly and easily adjust your shocks’ internal damping characteristics – a feature not found elsewhere in the air suspension market. The affordable Smooth Ride Series helps riders quickly adjust the bike’s ride height for stopping, parking or for that “slammed” look. Our kits provide an upgrade over stock shocks and are far superior in quality and safety compared to other discount kits on the market. The Smooth Ride Series includes: • Monotube shocks engineered by Arnott specifically for motorcycles to provide a sporty, stock-like ride at an affordable price • A multi-ply Goodyear ® air bladder to provide height adjustability, additional air spring firmness to reduce bottoming and smooth out bumps • Micro compressor and inflation control toggle switch • 3” ride height adjustment SMOOTH RIDE SUSPENSION FOR FLT/FXD MODELS Application Year WPS# List FLH/FLT `08-Up 850-02016 $649.00 `90-07 850-02017 $649.00 FLH/FLT w/Stretched Bags `09-Up 850-2020 $649.00 Dyna `08-17 850-02018 $649.00 `90-07 850-02019 $649.00 SHOCK CANS Black 850-2021 $99.00 Chrome 850-2022 $99.00 The Smooth Ride Series includes: SUSPENSION