2022 HardDrive

WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION LUGGAGE / SEATS EXHAUST FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS BATTERIES / CHARGERS LIGHTING / GAUGES FOOTPEGS / FOOT CONTROLS HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES BRAKES BODY / FRAME SUSPENSION WHEELS TIRES / TIRE ACCESSORIES VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS / SECURITY LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDER ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 54 • AM/FM only, not for CB’s • No interference with storage covers • 100% Plug-n-Play! • Available in Aluminum with Carbon Fiber cover or flexible rubber • Fits on any Harley model with a radio antenna SHORT ANTENNA STUBBY ANTENNA Decription Application WPS# List Short spiral antenna Harley, Indian,Victory 94-1165 $22.95 Application Year WPS# List FLHT/FLT Models `14-19 94-1199 $32.99 FLHT/FLT Models `09-13 94-1198 $32.99 FLHT/FLT Models `89-08 94-1200 $32.99 SHORTY ANTENNA UPGRADE • If you are looking for THE Best performing shorty antenna upgrade look no further than J&M • This new shorty antenna model from J&M comes out of the packaged pre-tuned for all AM/FM CB & WB frequencies, so that you don’t need to worry about which side of the tail trunk or rear fender to mount them on • The performance improvement compared to stock Harley is especially significant for the CB radio band transmission distance • Installation is a snap as you simply unscrew the stock Harley antenna and screw on the new J&M shorty • Both long and short antenna tip cover options are included, with a total overall length of approximately 17” • Sold individually as one antenna per package with extra screw in trunk mounting stud included 50 CAL AMMOTENNA • Replica .50 Cal antenna mast • Made of Billet Aluminum Description Carbon Fiber List Black/Carbon Fiber List Flat Black List 50 Cal Ammotenna 94-3025 $40.00 94-3026 $40.00 94-3027 $40.00 94-3025 94-3026 94-1199 94-1198 94-1200 Description WPS# List Aluminum / Carbon 850-08851 $26.95 Rubber 850-08850 $19.95 AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION