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WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION LUGGAGE / SEATS EXHAUST FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS BATTERIES / CHARGERS LIGHTING / GAUGES FOOTPEGS / FOOT CONTROLS HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES BRAKES BODY / FRAME SUSPENSION WHEELS TIRES / TIRE ACCESSORIES VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS / SECURITY LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDER ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 484 Description Year WPS# List Ignition Kit Sgl Plug/Sgl Fire Module & DC3-1 Coils `70-98 133-3015 $459.95 Ignition Kit Dual Plug/Sgl Fire Module & DC1-1 Coils `70-98 133-3016 $459.95 Ignition Kit Dual Plug/Dual Fire Module & DC2-1 Coils `70-98 133-3017 $447.95 Ignition Kit Sgl Plug/Single Fire Module & DC6-5 Coil `70-98 133-3018 $459.95 Description WPS# List Ignition Digital HD Single/Dual Fire 133-3008 $273.95 Ignition Digital HD Single/Dual 8 Pin 133-3009 $273.95 Ignition Digital HD Dual Fire 133-3010 $239.95 Ignition Digital HD Dual Fire 8 Pin 133-3011 $239.95 7 to 8 Pin Adapter 133-3012 $69.95 Extension Harness 133-3013 $98.95 DYNA 2000 IGNITION MODULE 2000i 2KI PROGRAMMABLE IN CONE IGNITION The Dyna 2Ki Programmable Ignition is the newest addition to the successful line of Dyna 2000 ignition systems. The 2Ki not only adds to, but extends many features of the best selling Dyna 2000 module out of sight in a completely new design that fits in the cone of Shovelhead and Evolution engines. Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles - Check local laws before installing. • FOR CARBURETED MODELS. • Single Fire operation down to zero rpm for easier cranking • 8 advance curves to cover a broad range of engine builds and riding styles. • Engine over rev protection adjustable from 6000 to 7500 rpm. • Adjustable timing retard for nitrous and turbo applications. • Active Dwell Control. • KIT’S COME WITH IGNITION AND COIL. • Ignition kits include the appropriate performance ignition coil The Dyna 2000 Digital Ignition System for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, which has become the standard for performance and versatility in the Harley aftermarket, has been enhanced to include even more features. Including expanded advance curve functionality, vacuum advance compensation, and a special Retard Mode for use with turbocharged and nitrous bikes. The Dyna 2000 allows selection between four different advance curves and four independent rev limiter settings from 6000 to 7500 rpm. Dyna 2000 ignition modules use the stock factory pick-up and simply plug into the existing factory wiring harness on 19911998 model bikes. Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles - Check local laws before installing. Description WPS# List Ignition Module Only `98-03 Sportster (Except XL1200S) Big Twins `70-98 133-3014 $279.95 Description WPS# List Ignition Kit Big Twin and Sportsters with 7 Pin Connectors KIT 133-3019 $447.95 Ignition Kit Big Twin and Sportsters with 8 Pin Connectors KIT 133-3020 $447.95 ELECTRICAL