2022 HardDrive

WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION LUGGAGE / SEATS EXHAUST FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS BATTERIES / CHARGERS LIGHTING / GAUGES FOOTPEGS / FOOT CONTROLS HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES BRAKES BODY / FRAME SUSPENSION WHEELS TIRES / TIRE ACCESSORIES VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS / SECURITY LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT HELMETS HELMET ACCESSORIES EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDER ACCESSORIES PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 210 GEN III ONYX HEATSHIELDS DEI has expanded its award winning Flexible Heat Shields to include additional sizes and premium nishes. Each shield uses our reliable stainless standoff bracket and includes mounting hardware for easy installation. Description WPS# List A Onyx Universal Heatshield Black/Black 3.5”x6.5” 790-01201 $70.95 B Onyx Universal Heatshield Black/Black 4”x8” 790-01202 $75.95 C Onyx Universal Heatshield Brushed/Black 3.5”x6.5” 790-01203 $50.95 A B C D E F Description WPS# List 4” X 8” 790-02453 $41.95 4” X 12” 790-02454 $46.95 TITANIUM FLEXIBLE HEAT SHIELD • More effective than traditional metal heat shields • Enhanced protection for legs and boots • Great custom look • Stainless steel hardware • Standoffs create air gap for maximum heat dissipation Description WPS# List D Onyx Universal Heatshield Brushed/Black 4”x8” 790-01205 $60.95 E Onyx Universal Heatshield Brushed/Titanium 3.5”x6.5” 790-01204 $49.95 F Onyx Universal Heatshield Brushed/Titanium 4”x8” 790-01206 $59.95 • Blocks heat more effectively than stamped metal shields • Semi-flexible material for easy fitment on almost any exhaust • Dual layer high-temperature textile materials • Great Protection for shorter riders • Available in Titanium Series or ONYX Series • Available in a 6.5” or 8” lengths EXHAUST