2022 Tire/Wheels

x X X X X 77 • Pirelli technology from World Superbike Championship • Unprecedented handing for a new generation of sporty behavior • Bi-compound with wide side soft stripe offering full grip starting from mid lean angle • Large footprint area for improved adherence Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 110/70ZR-17 54W TL 871-1151 $171.97 120/60ZR-17 (55W) TL 871-1152 $181.60 120/70ZR-17 (58W) TL 871-1153 $181.73 120/70ZR-17 (D-Spec) (58W) TL 871-1154 $183.55 REAR 140/70R-17 66H TL 871-1160 $185.74 150/60ZR-17 66W TL 871-1161 $226.08 160/60ZR-17 (69W) TL 871-1162 $225.72 180/55ZR-17 (73W) TL 871-1164 $231.87 180/60ZR-17 (75W) TL 871-1168 $248.10 190/50ZR-17 (73W) TL 871-1166 $272.65 190/55ZR-17 (75W) TL 871-1167 $282.16 190/55ZR-17 (D-Spec) (75W) TL 871-1163 $282.16 200/55ZR-17 (78W) TL 871-1169 $299.51 240/45ZR-17 (82W) TL 871-1165 $323.48 Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 120/70ZR-17 (58W) TL 871-1193 $198.43 REAR 160/60ZR-17 (69W) TL 871-1197 $246.49 180/55ZR-17 (73W) TL 871-1198 $253.22 190/55ZR-17 (75W) TL 871-1200 $308.13 200/55ZR-17 (78W) TL 871-1201 $328.09 200/60ZR-17 (80W) TL 871-1202 $342.61 DIABLO ROSSO™ IV is characterized by the selective use of different technical solutions within its range: each size has in fact been developed in a bespoke way according to the characteristics and needs of each machine, taking into account elements such as weight and power output. DIABLO ROSSO™ IV in a flash: • Fourth generation of the DIABLO ROSSO™ family, which has exceeded 5 million units sold • Designed for supersport, naked and crossover motorcycles and for ‘sporty’ road use IV • Excellent grip in each riding phase, precise feedback and optimal control of the vehicle • Benchmark performance in both dry and wet • Technical specifications developed bespoke for each size • Innovative profiles derived from the experience in the FIM Superbike World Championship • Tread design optimized for sporty riding and regular wear • New race-derived stiffer Lyocell structure used in sizes 190/55ZR17 and above • Full Silica bi-compound front tire • Dual compound rear tyres, up to 190/50 ZR 17 • Tri-compound rear tyres, from 190/55 ZR 17 above STREET STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX