2022 Tire/Wheels

x X X X X 68 -Conventional 71-thread ply -Commander II 90-thread ply is 25% more dense than conventional plies Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT BIAS 130/90B-16 73H TL 87-9740 $239.95 120/90B-17 64S TL 87-9741 $215.95 130/80B-17 65H TL 87-9742 $241.95 140/80B-17 69H TL 87-9763 $321.95 110/90B-18 61H TL 87-9761 $241.95 100/90B-19 57H TL 87-9744 $182.95 80/90-21 54H TL 87-9745 $163.95 90/90-21 54H TL 87-9747 $194.95 FRONT RADIAL 120/70ZR-19 60W TL 87-9760 $251.95 Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List REAR BIAS 170/80B-15 77H TL 87-9751 $264.95 130/90B-16 73H TL 87-9753 $238.95 140/90B-16 77H TL 87-9754 $270.95 150/80B-16 77H TL 87-9755 $241.95 180/65B-16 81H TL 87-9756 $337.95 160/70B-17 73V TL 87-9758 $293.95 150/70B-18 76H TL 87-9752 $363.95 REAR RADIAL 240/40R-18 79V TL 87-9769 $340.95 Front Rear • Square bead wires improve casing rigidity, handling and ease of installation THE MICHELIN® TIRE FOR ALL TYPES OF CRUISERS Excellent mileage • As the industry’s established benchmark in longevity MICHELIN® Commander® II tires deliver long-lasting performance Superb handling and stability • Thanks to their high-density, more rigid carcass (MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology), MICHELIN Commander II tires offer tremendous handling and feedback. The upper layers are made from aramid fibers on the rear, bringing together durability and light-weight materials for enhanced stability even at high speeds. Size Load/Speed Rating TT/ TL WPS# List FRONT 100/80B-17 52H TL 87-93227 $243.95 110/70B-17 54H TL 87-93330 $198.95 110/80B-17 57V TL 87-93229 $199.95 90/90B-18 51H TL 87-93230 $188.95 100/90-18 56H TL 87-93236 $201.95 110/80B-18 58V TL 87-93239 $196.95 110/90B-18 61V TL 87-93240 $198.95 3.25B-19 54H TL 87-93245 $194.95 100/90B-19 57V TL 87-93244 $224.95 Size Load/Speed Rating TT/ TL WPS# List REAR 130/70B-17 62H TL 87-93214 $224.95 130/80B-17 65H TL 87-93215 $224.95 130/90B-17 68V TL 87-93212 $236.95 140/90B-17 69V TL 87-93213 $228.95 150/70B-17 69V TL 87-93218 $236.95 150/70R-17 69H TL 87-93221 $249.95 4.00B-18 64H TL 87-93211 $192.95 120/90B-18 65V TL 87-93220 $239.95 130/70B-18 63H TL 87-93219 $228.95 130/80B-18 66V TL 87-93210 $199.95 MICHELIN® Road Classic Modern technologies to make the most of your classic bike! 50% more wet grip than the previous generation1 • A compound mix incorporating MICHELIN® Silica Rain Technology™(SRT), an innovation which combined with a 26% void ratio provides 50% more wet grip than the previous generation(1) Increased cornering and straight-line stability than the previous generation2 • Thanks to its bias ply technology and bias casing supported by two crown plies the MICHELIN® Road Classic tire provides 50% more stability when cornering and 40% more straight-line stability than the previous generation2 Approved on iconic motorcycles • The MICHELIN Road Classic has already received technical approval from Triumph® for its most iconic models (Bonneville®, Street Twin®, etc.) Front Rear STREET STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX