2022 Tire/Wheels

x X X X X 62 Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 110/70ZR17 (54W) TL 87-9144 $177.95 120/60ZR17 (55W) TL 87-9145 $175.95 120/65ZR17 (56W) TL 87-9147 $182.95 120/70ZR17 (58W) TL 87-9146 $184.95 REAR 150/60ZR17 (66W) TL 87-9181 $220.95 160/60ZR17 (69W) TL 87-9182 $228.95 170/60ZR17 (72W) TL 87-9183 $232.95 180/55ZR17 (73W) TL 87-9184 $232.95 190/50ZR17 (73W) TL 87-9186 $264.95 190/55ZR17 (75W) TL 87-9189 $274.95 Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS# List FRONT 120/70ZR17 (58W) TL 87-9176 $146.95 REAR 180/55ZR17 (73W) TL 87-9164 $188.95 190/50ZR17 (73W) TL 87-9166 $196.95 Rear Impressive durability for a high-performance tire • Maintains performance even when significantly worn Uncompromising performance and mileage • Mono-compound rubber formulations derived from MotoGP Exceptional cornering grip in a wide range of conditions • Soft, durable compound means great dry grip • Silica-enriched tread provides great wet grip Front Rear Front The affordable dual-compound sport tire A tire designed for sporty riding • A versitile, durable tire with exceptional wet and dry grip to help you get maximum pleasure from sporty riding. MICHELIN 2CT Technology • A durable center and softer at the edges to allow you to achieve impressive lean angles usually seen on the track. STREET STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX