2022 Tire/Wheels

x X X X X 30 CRUISER / TOURING TIRES SR999 LONG HAUL The all new SR999 LONG HAUL Tire is designed for the cruiser rider looking for EXCEPTIONAL TREAD LIFE AND PERFORMANCE! Enjoy the cross country miles to your destination and the twisties once you get there! The Shinko SR999 is in it for the Long Haul!! • All new rubber compound formulated for high mileage and inspiring grip • Functional tread grooves for superior traction in wet and dry conditions • Reinforced carcass for a stable and planted feel • Aramid belting provides ample load capacity while also providing stability FRONT REAR Size Load/Speed Rating TT/TL WPS # List FRONT 130/90B16 73H TL 87-4903 TBD 130/80-17 65H TL 87-4900 TBD 130/70B18 69H TL 87-4911 TBD 100/90-19 61H TL 87-4904 TBD 130/60B19 67H TL 87-4909 TBD 80/90-21 54H TL 87-4914 TBD 120/70B21 68V TL 87-4902 TBD REAR 170/80B15 73H TL 87-4912 TBD 130/90B16 73H TL 87-4905 TBD 140/90B16 77H TL 87-4915 TBD 150/80B16 77H TL 87-4906 TBD 170/70B16 75H TL 87-4913 TBD 180/65B16 81H TL 87-4907 TBD MU85B16 77H TL 87-4901 TBD 160/70B17 79H TL 87-4908 TBD 180/55B18 84H TL 87-4910 TBD STREET STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS GAS CANS TOOLS / HARDWARE STANDS / LIFTS TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX