2022 Snow

x X X X X 165 The most popular, fastest selling grip. Manufactured from surgical rubber to reduce hand and arm fatigue while helping to prevent blisters. Color WPS# List Black 59-8983 $14.99 Blue 59-8985 $14.99 Red 59-8982 $14.99 RADIAL FULL WAFFLE GRIPS • Medium density compound design • Integrated safety wire channel • Designed for 7/8” handlebars Black List 51-1042 $10.00 SNOW BIKE SURVIVAL SNOWMOBILE ACCESSORIES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES WINDSHIELDS BODY TUNNEL SKIS / RUNNERS FRONT SUSPENSION REAR SUSPENSION SHOCKS TRACKS / STUDS SPROCKETS ELECTRICAL EXHAUST ENGINE AIR / FUEL CLUTCHING BELTS BRAKES CHAIN / SPROCKETS LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL INDEX HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS