2022 Snow

x X X X X 147 SNOWMOBILE HANDLEBAR PADS • Fits oversized/large diameter handlebars • Will not crack or separate in cold weather • Nylon with rubber logo construction Color Width WPS# List A Black 5-1/2” 18-97109 $22.95 B Black 7” 18-97110 $21.95 Color WPS# List Black 18-97104 $21.95 7 1/2" AERO FLEX BAR PAD • Fits most handlebars with cross bar • Heavy duty Cordura® cover material wont crack in cold weather • Also fits Polaris models with Pro Taper handlebars A B BAR PAD • Designed to fit most extruded pivot risers • Compatible with all ROX risers WPS# List A 18-97103 $19.95 B 18-97105 $19.95 A B HANDLEBAR PAD / PHONE HOLDER • Simple universal mounting application works with 7/8”, 1 & 1/8” handlebars, both straight and rise handlebars • Encapsulates phone to protect it from the elements ideal for street and off-road conditions including, mud, snow, and rain • Clear screen cover allows users to operate Touchphone while keeping it safe • Compatible with usb chargers (not included) • Optional plug & play heater pads available, can also be used for any accessory bag Description WPS # List Handlebar Pad/ Phone Holder 590-01200 $59.95 Heater kit, Ski-Doo Gen4 590-01360 $69.95 Heater kit, Polaris Axys, Matryx 590-01330 $69.95 Heater kit, Universal 590-01390 $39.95 SNOW BIKE SURVIVAL SNOWMOBILE ACCESSORIES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS CABLES WINDSHIELDS BODY TUNNEL SKIS / RUNNERS FRONT SUSPENSION REAR SUSPENSION SHOCKS TRACKS / STUDS SPROCKETS ELECTRICAL EXHAUST ENGINE AIR / FUEL CLUTCHING BELTS BRAKES CHAIN / SPROCKETS LUBRICANTS / CHEMICALS TOOLS / HARDWARE TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL INDEX HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS