2022 ATV/UTV

TRACK KITS WINCH PLOW TOWING / FARM ATV BODY UTV BODY AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION UTV CAB ACCESSORIES ACCESSORY MOUNTS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS ROOFS CARGO MANAGEMENT LIGHTING / GAUGES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS / CABLES INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE EXHAUST AXLES DRIVE BELTS / CHAINS / SPROCKETS BRAKES SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS GAS CANS COVERS / SECURITY TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 53 HYDRAULIC ANGLE KIT • Specifically designed for use with UTV push tube 10-5635 • Parker Industries Made in the USA electric (12 Volt) over hydraulic cylinder • Complete wiring kit with Carling Technologies two-way dash rocker switch • 1 year warranty on KFI manufactured components • 18 month warranty on Parker Hydraulic actuator based on it manufactured date • Rotates up to full 25 degrees in both directions • Does NOT include the Push tube system (Sold separately) ATV PLOW PUSH TUBE HD KIT • Specifically designed for use with KFI and Open Trail ATV push tube # 10-5000 • Constructed of 10 gage steel • Designed to help reinforce the ATV tube system when used with Tracked vehicles or Sport Side by Sides • All hardware included • Added and re-routed winch attachment points • ATV plow push tube sold separately UTV PLOW LIFT KITS • Did you add a lift kit and /or larger tires to your UTV? If you did, you will want to get your plow system back to level with the ground for the proper geometry and to reduce strain on your blade and plow system • These kits are designed to bring your KFI UTV plow system back to level • Specifically designed for use with KFI UTV push tube 10-5635 • Constructed of Grade 50 steel • All hardware included PLOW ROLLER FAIRLEAD • Replaces standard winch fairlead during plow season. • Provides larger 2-1/8” diameter roller for smoother cable movement when plowing compared to standard 7/8” rollers. • Roller has a curved cable groove to help eliminate cable flattening that leads to snapped cables during the plowing season. • Eliminates potential cable kink due to small roller contact and abrupt angle rolls. • Multiple roller positions for different applications and cable angles. • For Steel Cable use only. Description WPS # List 2” Lift kit 10-5700 $59.95 4” Lift kit 10-5705 $99.95 6” Lift kit 10-5765 $109.95 Description WPS # List ATV plow HD kit 10-5955 $123.95 Description WPS # List ATV Plow roller fairlead steel cable 10-5270 $34.95 ATV Plow roller fairlead synthetic rope 10-6270 $41.95 UTV Plow roller fairlead steel cable 10-4465 $39.95 UTV Plow roller fairlead synthetic rope 10-6465 $47.95 Description WPS # List Hydraulic Blade angle kit 10-5935 $899.95 Tracks extension bracket kit w/ actuator 10-6210* $899.95 Tracks extension bracket kit only 10-6065* $109.95 REPLACEMENT PARTS Replacement Hydraulic Actuator 10-6203 $734.95 Replacement bracket kit 10-5895 $109.95 Replacement Wire Harness 10-5940 $99.95 Replacement Rod End 30-0003 $23.95 * Requires push tube extension kit #10-6330 PLOW