2022 ATV/UTV

TRACK KITS WINCH PLOW TOWING / FARM ATV BODY UTV BODY AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION UTV CAB ACCESSORIES ACCESSORY MOUNTS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS ROOFS CARGO MANAGEMENT LIGHTING / GAUGES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS / CABLES INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE EXHAUST AXLES DRIVE BELTS / CHAINS / SPROCKETS BRAKES SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS GAS CANS COVERS / SECURITY TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 167 QUICK DISCONNECT EXTINGUISHER & MOUNT KIT Description WPS # List Extinguisher mount for 3” bottle and 1.75” bar 285-60600 $210.08 Quick disconnect extinguisher and 1.75” mount kit 285-60601 $244.90 OPTIONAL CAGE MOUNT CLAMPS 1.50” Billet clamp 285-60605 $29.40 ea 1.75” Billet clamp 285-60602 $29.40 ea 1.625” Billet clamp 285-60603 $29.40 ea 1.85” Billet clamp 285-60604 $29.40 ea 2.0” Billet clamp 285-60606 $29.40 ea Extinguisher Specs: • ABC Dry Chemical • Large Loop Pin • Steel cylinders and aluminum valves • 2.5lb Size This quick detach fire extinguisher mount is designed to work without fail in the most stressful situations. Its quick detach pull handle is easy to grab and will not bind up while trying to retrieve your extinguisher. Compatible with any fire extinguisher that has a 3" body. • Machined from 6061 aluminum • Black anodized and engraved • Stainless steel hardware • Made in USA WPS# List 18-9896 $33.95 • 2.5LB UL rated 1-A, 10-B:C multi purpose fire extinguisher • Coast Guard approved for marine use ONLY when used with supplied mounting bracket • Rechargeable for multiple uses • Commercial grade metal valve and head • Easy to read pressure gauge • Great all around fire extinguisher for any machine, vehicle, home, office, etc... • 14.2” tall x 3.1” diameter • Temperature range -40F(-40C) to 120F(49C) • Mounts to round tube roll cages from 1.25” to 2” • Patent pending low-profile mount • Clevis pin connector • Included extinguisher clamps work for bottles up to 3.5” in diameter • Quick release technology for fast action • Endless mounting options * Fire Extinguisher not included PRO2.5 FIRE EXTINGUISHER ELITE SERIES FIRE EXTINGUISHER MOUNT WPS# List 45-2727 $64.99 ACCESSORY MOUNTS