2022 ATV/UTV

TRACK KITS WINCH PLOW TOWING / FARM ATV BODY UTV BODY AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION UTV CAB ACCESSORIES ACCESSORY MOUNTS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS ROOFS CARGO MANAGEMENT LIGHTING / GAUGES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS / CABLES INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE EXHAUST AXLES DRIVE BELTS / CHAINS / SPROCKETS BRAKES SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS GAS CANS COVERS / SECURITY TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 158 Description Year Front WPS# List Rear WPS# List Torque High Back Black/Black 652-50520 $439.95 652-505202 $439.95 Torque High Back Black/ Red 652-50521 $439.95 652-505212 $439.95 Torque High Back Black/Green 652-50522 $439.95 652-505222 $439.95 Torque High Back Black/Yellow 652-50524 $439.95 652-505242 $439.95 Torque High Back Black/Orange 652-50525 $439.95 652-505252 $439.95 Torque High Back Black/ Blue 652-50526 $439.95 652-505262 $439.95 MOUNT KITS ARCTIC CAT Wildcat 1000 / 4 `13-17 652-50906 ea $49.95 652-50907 ea $49.95 CAN AM Commander / Max `14-17 652-50903 pr $149.95 652-50908 ea $74.95 Maverick / Max `14-17 652-50903 pr $149.95 652-50908 ea $74.95 KAWASAKI Teryx KRX 1000 `20 652-50915 pr $84.95 POLARIS RZR /4 `08-17 652-50909 ea $74.95 652-50911 ea $49.95 YAMAHA YXZ 1000 16-17 652-50910 pr $74.95 Description Year WPS# List SEATS Black/silver/Exp metal 652-50200 $419.99 ea Blkack/Silver/Red 652-50201 $419.99 ea MOUNT KIT ARCTIC CAT Wildcat `12-17 652-50906 $49.95 ea TORQUE SEAT SUPER TZ SEAT • BeardTM Suspension Technology • Fits RZR, Wildcat and Commander • Fully Compatible with Stock Roll Cage • 4-Point Safety Harness Slots 5-Point Compatible • Installs in Just Minutes • Made in the U.S.A. The new Torque Seat is a full suspension containment seat designed specifically for performance UTV applications. A great deal of time went into designing this seat to achieve the ideal seat angle and pitch for hardcore performance driving. This seat offers added comfort and stability with the unmatched side containment and support. The lab belt notch allows for easy seat removal and added comfort for larger occupants. The Torque Seat bolts directly into all RZR, Wildcat, Commander and Maverick models (Commander and Maverick passenger applications require mount kit number 652-50903). Our top-selling seat, the Super-TZ features Beard’sTM signature suspension technology, tremendous comfort and containment for increased driver control. Developed specifically to fit the cockpit of today’s high performance UTVs and built to the same quality and craftsmanship standards synonymous with the BeardTM brand, the Super-TZ fits like a glove. Beard’sTM suspension technology consists of a ridged tubular steel frame and an intricate web of energyabsorbing components acting in unison for maximum comfort and support even in the harshest environment. The Super-TZ features intergraded 4-point safety harness slots making it fully compatible with Beard’sTM harness systems. Installation is a breeze…it bolts directly into all RZR and Wildcat models. • BeardTM Suspension Technology • Fits RZR, Maverick, YXZ, Wildcat and Commander • Fully Compatible with Stock Roll Cage • 4-Point Safety Harness Compatible • Installs in Just Minutes • Made in the U.S.A. • Model-specific mounts sold separately Can Am passanger seats require mount 652-50903 Color WPS# List Black/Gray 652-50550 $869.99 Black/Red 652-50551 $869.99 Black/Green 652-50552 $869.99 Black/Yellow 652-50554 $869.99 Black/Orange 652-50555 $869.99 Black/Blue 652-50556 $869.99 Expand your seating capacity with rear bench seats designed specifically for UTV’s. Bring the kids along in comfort, quality and style, even under extreme conditions. Our BeardTM suspension technology is designed to absorb energy to allow for maximum comfort for your passengers. Enjoy the combination of great style and true suspension seating. • BEARD™ Suspension Technology • Fully Compatible with Stock Roll Cage • Made in the U.S.A. TORQUE V2 BENCH SEAT UTV CAB ACCESSORIES