2022 ATV/UTV

TRACK KITS WINCH PLOW TOWING / FARM ATV BODY UTV BODY AUDIO / VIDEO / NAVIGATION UTV CAB ACCESSORIES ACCESSORY MOUNTS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS ROOFS CARGO MANAGEMENT LIGHTING / GAUGES HANDLEBARS / CONTROLS LEVERS / CABLES INTAKE / FUEL SYSTEMS AIR FILTERS OIL FILTERS BATTERIES / CHARGERS ELECTRICAL SPARK PLUGS ENGINE EXHAUST AXLES DRIVE BELTS / CHAINS / SPROCKETS BRAKES SUSPENSION / BEARINGS CHINESE VEHICLE PARTS GAS CANS COVERS / SECURITY TRANSPORT / RAMPS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 154 • Quiet, comfortable heat for two person UTV cabs, or small utility tractor enclosures, when battery power is limited, comfortable heat for UTV cabs of any size. • Low amp draw means long hours of comfort without draining your battery • Integrated, variable speed switch allows the operator to set the comfort level • One installation kit fitt most all UTVs. Mounting bracket rotates 180 degrees from top to bottom for easy mounting to floor, firewall, or under dash Application Year WPS# List POLARIS Pro XP `20 67-99303MBL $259.95 RZR PRO XP INTRUSION BAR AQUA-HOT UTV CAB HEATERS • Protection from large debris getting inside the cab • Does not affect the driver's line of sight • Bolts right on to the stock cage with the supplied hardware Description WPS # List Aqua Hot 100 Series 63-6711 $241.95 Aqua Hot 200 Series 63-6712 $293.95 Installation Kit 63-6714 $266.95 Replacement valve 63-6713 $185.95 SPECIFATIONS: Aqua-Hot 100 Aqua-Hot 200 CFM 0 to 100 CFM 0 to 200 Amp Draw 1/10 to 1/2 Amp Draw 1/2 to 2 Size (In.) 5.5x5.5x9.5 Size (In.) 5.5x5.5x9.5 Weight (lbs) 3.5 Weight (lbs) 3.5 UTV CAB ACCESSORIES