x X X X X WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / COMMUNICATION SEATS / LUGGAGE BARS /MIRRORS / CONTROLS EXHAUST AIR / FUELSYSTEMS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL LIGHTING CABLES BRAKES OILFILTERS SUSPENSION BODY WHEELS TIRES / TIREACC. BIKEACC. VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS /LOCKS / TIEDOWNS CHEMICALS TOOLS HELMETS HELMETACC. EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDERACC. PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX 49 SOUND SYSTEM • Waterproof 2½" chrome speakers and 40 watt amplifier provide excellent sound quality • Chrome 7/8" and 1" handlebar and universal mirror mounts included • Waterproof volume control with 3.5mm universal input is compatible with most all portable sound and radio systems WPS# List Black 94-13250BK $165.95 Chrome 94-13250A 165.95 Description WPS# List Black 94-13252BK $259.95 Chrome 94-13252C 259.95 • Bluetooth technology handlebar stereo system • Includes 2½" waterproof speakers and 40 watt waterproof amplifier • Includes 3 mounting options: 7/8” to 1” handlebar mounts, mirror mounts and surface bracket • Universal 3.5mm aux. in for non-Bluetooth use (iPod, MP3, MP4, satellite radio etc.) BLUETOOTH SOUND SYSTEM AUDIO / COMMUNICATION