x X X X X WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / COMMUNICATION SEATS / LUGGAGE BARS/MIRRORS/ CONTROLS EXHAUST AIR / FUELSYSTEMS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL LIGHTING CABLES BRAKES OILFILTERS SUSPENSION BODY WHEELS TIRES / TIREACC. BIKEACC. VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS /LOCKS / TIEDOWNS CHEMICALS TOOLS HELMETS HELMETACC. EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDERACC. PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX 2 562-5093S H=9.5” 562-5087S H=9.0” 562-5082S H=10.75” 562-5086D H=12.5” 562-5080C H=17.0” 562-5084C H=18.0” 562-5094D H=7.25” 562-5086S H=16.0” 562-5092C H=11.5” 562-5085C H=15.25” The Tall and Standard size VStream ® Windscreens for the FLHT/FLHX are outstanding high-speed highway performers for average size and taller riders. Shorter riders will like the performance of the VStream Low and Ultra Low models. Enjoy a significant improvement in wind management and riding comfort. Mounts with existing OEM hardware. Owners of FLTR Road Glides will appreciate the enhanced performance and stunning appearance of the VStream ® Windscreens. Choose from Extra Tall and Standard Touring Size in Clear, Mid-Size in Light Tint, and in a Low Size in Light Tint or Dark Tint. All FLTR VStream Windscreens include metal compression limiters that spread the load for long life and durability. VSTREAM ® WINDSCREENS FOR FLHT/FLHX MODELS VSTREAM ® WINDSCREENS FOR FLTR ROAD GLIDE MODELS VStream Windscreens are measured from bottom center mount hole to top of screen. H = Height Clear Dark Tint Light Tint WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS