x X X X X WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / COMMUNICATION SEATS / LUGGAGE BARS /MIRRORS / CONTROLS EXHAUST AIR / FUELSYSTEMS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL LIGHTING CABLES BRAKES OILFILTERS SUSPENSION BODY WHEELS TIRES / TIREACC. BIKEACC. VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS /LOCKS / TIEDOWNS CHEMICALS TOOLS HELMETS HELMETACC. EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDERACC. PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX 1051 Universal Piston Pin Puller easily removes all sizes of piston pins without any damage to pistons. PISTON PIN PULLER WPS# List 12-1026 $28.95 DELUXE PISTON PIN PULLER • Interchangeable piston adapters for use on both long skirt and short skirt (slipper) pistons • Fits all piston pins from 12 mm (1/2”) to 24 mm (1”) • Made of 6061 aluminum with non-marring aluminum adapters and durable blue anodized finish • Patent pending WPS# List 57-8472 $44.99 Short skirt adapter for (slipper) pistons ADJUSTABLE TORQUE WRENCH ADAPTER • Torque any fastener with a combination wrench or Allen wrench • Will work with 6mm (1/4”) through 19mm (3/4”) combination wrenches • Heat treated steel with black oxide finish • 3/8” square drive is rated for a maximum torque of 90 ft-lbs. WPS# List 57-8380 $46.99 • Check needle and seat holding pressure • Track down leaking crankshaft seals and imperfections in crankcase surfaces • This tool should be in every service department For shop use when tuning with gas tank off bike; takes place of regular gas tank while running machine. Includes 4 feet of 1/4" fuel line and in line petcock. If using with fuel injected bike use a T-fitting and second fuel valve for return fuel. CARBURETOR LEAK DETECTOR AUXILARY TANK WPS# List 57-8032 $49.99 Description WPS# List 30 psi Mikuni 13-2767 $56.95 100 psi Mikuni 13-2768 56.95 TOOLS