x X X X X WINDSHIELDS / FAIRINGS AUDIO / COMMUNICATION SEATS / LUGGAGE BARS/MIRRORS/ CONTROLS EXHAUST AIR / FUELSYSTEMS ENGINE TRANSMISSION / DRIVELINE GASKETS / SEALS ELECTRICAL LIGHTING CABLES BRAKES OILFILTERS SUSPENSION BODY WHEELS TIRES / TIREACC. BIKEACC. VICTORY / INDIAN COVERS /LOCKS / TIEDOWNS CHEMICALS TOOLS HELMETS HELMETACC. EYEWEAR APPAREL / RIDERACC. PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX 1036 WPS# List 57-0009 $19.95 WPS# List 57-0008 $14.95 The Outback’r H13 is a powerhouse of functionality. Included are three hex keys (5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4”), two Torx keys (T25, T27), slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, a socket driver with 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2” sockets, 10mm box and 9/16” open-end wrenches, plus a spoke wrench. At only 10 ounces and 3.5” long, even chopper riders won’t have trouble carrying it. FOLDING HEX/TORX KEY SET for H-D Harley-Davidsons make regular use of hex and Torx fasteners, so we’ve assembled the most common sizes (5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, T25, T27, T40) into a compact fold-up unit. Forged from heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy and housed in a tough handle that allows multiple angles of use, even those hard-to-get-to fasteners shouldn’t pose any problems. OUTBACK'R H13 for HARLEY-DAVIDSONS CHAIN PRESS TOOL KIT Description WPS# List Chain Press Tool Kit 57-8066 $49.99 Press Plates Only 57-8067 13.99 • Fits #520-#530 standard and O-ring chains MINI CHAIN PRESS TOOL • Inexpensive and toolbox sized • Fits 520, 525 and 530 • Presses on side plates on standard and O-Ring chains WPS# List 57-8070 $8.99 TOOLS