2018 Tires

x X X X X 294 All displays on this page are free with sales participation. Contact sales rep/sales department for details Description WPS# Tire Rack 87-TIRE RACK Michelin Sign (Metric) 87-0010 MICHELIN SIGN (V-TWIN) 87-0014 Replacement tire/wheel 87-TIRE RACK WHEEL Description WPS# Pilot Power 87-9912 Pilot Power 2CT 87-9900 Pilot Road 3 87-9902 Power Pure 87-9906 Commander 87-9904 M12 87-9909 S12 87-9908 S12 XC 87-9905 Starcross 19” 87-9907 Starcross 87-9903 • All metal rack is 2 levels that holds 20-30 mixed tires • Strong swivel-caster wheels make it easy to move the rack for cleaning or rearranging the store • Includes attractive Michelin sign Must order both parts to make complete tire rack TIRE RACK Tire inserts for tire stands and slat walls • Comes single, double or triple row configurations • 4 1/2” long cable holders with header card to write in part number CABLE HANGERS Description WPS# Cable Hangers 70-1158 PROMOTIONAL STREET V-TWIN OFFROAD ATV / UTV TUBES / ACCESSORIES TRAILER TOOLS / REPAIR PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX