2018 Offroad

EXHAUST TIRES TUBES TIRE ACCESSORIES BIKE ACCESSORIES SNOWBIKE PITBIKE GRAPHICS /SEAT BODY CONTROLS BARS /GRIPS LEVERS CABLES INTAKE FUELSYSTEMS AIRFILTERS OILFILTERS ELECTRICAL SPARKPLUGS BATTERIES CHARGERS ENGINE PISTONS SUSPENSION DRIVE CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES CHEMICALS GASCANS TOOLS LOCKS RAMPS /STRAPS TRAILERS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 985 Links WPS# List 520 3D GP 520X120 Black/Gold 693-1120BK $276.00 520X120 Chrome/Nickel 693-1120C 276.00 520X120 Gold 693-1120G 276.00 Rivet M/L Black 693-0001BK 8.00 Rivet M/L Chrome 693-0001C 8.00 Rivet M/L Gold 693-0001G 8.00 520 3D MXR 520X116 Black/Gold 693-1216BK $126.44 520X116 Chrome/Nickel 693-1216C 126.44 520X116 Gold 693-1216G 126.44 520X120 Black/Gold 693-1220BK 130.80 520X120 Chrome/Nickel 693-1220C 130.80 520X120 Gold 693-1220G 130.80 Clip M/L Black 693-0007BK 3.26 Clip M/L Chrome 693-0007C 3.26 Clip M/L Gold 693-0007G 3.26 520 3D SM 520X120 Black/Gold 693-1320BK $201.60 520X120 Chrome/Nickel 693-1320C 201.60 520X120 Gold 693-1320G 201.60 Rivet M/L Black 693-0005BK 8.95 Rivet M/L Chrome 693-0005C 8.95 Rivet M/L Gold 693-0005G 8.95 Clip M/L Black 693-0006BK 8.95 Clip M/L Chrome 693-0006C 8.95 Clip M/L Gold 693-0006G 8.95 520 3D Z 520X120 Black/Gold 693-1420BK $250.80 520X120 Chrome/Nickel 693-1420C 250.80 520X120 Gold 693-1420G 250.80 520X150 Black/Gold 693-1450BK 313.50 520X150 Chrome/Nickel 693-1450C 313.50 520X150 Gold 693-1450G 313.50 520X160 Black/Gold 693-1460BK 334.40 Links WPS# List 520 3D Z ( cont ’ d ...) 520X160 Chrome/Nickel 693-1460C 334.40 520X160 Gold 693-1460G 334.40 Rivet M/L Black 693-0002BK 7.00 Rivet M/L Chrome 693-0002C 7.00 Rivet M/L Gold 693-0002G 7.00 525 3D Z 525X120 Black/Gold 693-1520BK $265.20 525X120 Chrome/Nickel 693-1520C 265.20 525X120 Gold 693-1520G 265.20 525X150 Black/Gold 693-1550BK 331.50 525X150 Chrome/Nickel 693-1550C 331.50 525X150 Gold 693-1550G 331.50 525X160 Black/Gold 693-1560BK 353.60 525X160 Chrome/Nickel 693-1560C 353.60 525X160 Gold 693-1560G 353.60 Rivet M/L Black 693-0003BK 8.00 Rivet M/L Chrome 693-0003C 8.00 Rivet M/L Gold 693-0003G 8.00 530 3D Z 530X120 Black/Gold 693-1620BK $266.40 530X120 Chrome/Nickel 693-1620C 266.40 530X120 Gold 693-1620G 266.40 530X150 Black/Gold 693-1650BK 333.00 530X150 Chrome/Nickel 693-1650C 333.00 530X150 Gold 693-1650G 333.00 530X160 Black/Gold 693-1660BK 355.20 530X160 Chrome/Nickel 693-1660C 355.20 530X160 Gold 693-1660G 355.20 Rivet M/L Black 693-0004BK 8.50 Rivet M/L Chrome 693-0004C 8.50 Rivet M/L Gold 693-0004G 8.50 EK ThreeD (3D) Premium Motorcycle Chain is Elegant, Strong, Detailed and Magnificent.It offers the ultimate shape with flexibility and Strength. EK Chain set out to produce a premium chain that was as beautiful as it is strong.An impressive outer plate shape that offers a curved form to reduce weight and increase appeal is connected together with inner plates and pins that feature lightening holes to further reduce mass.QX2 X-Rings have a better wear-resistance and performance than standard QX-Rings by 30% resulting in a chain that puts 1% more power to the rear tire. FIVE CONCEPTS TO MAKE OUR IDEAL “ThreeD” CHAIN A REALITY Impressive • Ultimate Plate Shape • 3D-designed with a beautiful curved form is an evolutionary shape Dynamic • Astonishing transmission efficiency • Smooth and powerful acceleration Elegant • Bright silver, gold and black premium chain • Nothing but our 3D design makes it possible to have an elegant form and everlasting beautiful light reflection Advanced • Applying brand-new revolutionary process of manufacturing • Far better than standard chains in every aspect such as fatigue strength, product quality and light weight • Aiming for no initial stretch Light • Slim design with minimum weight • Produced by our exclusive technology to strengthen a chain without making it heavy Weight per 100 links 520MXR= 3.10 lb 520GP/SM= 3.33 lb 520Z= 3.64 lb 525Z= 4.10 lb 530Z= 4.81 lb EK 3D CHAIN CHAIN