2018 Offroad

EXHAUST TIRES TUBES TIRE ACCESSORIES BIKE ACCESSORIES SNOWBIKE PITBIKE GRAPHICS /SEAT BODY CONTROLS BARS /GRIPS LEVERS CABLES INTAKE FUELSYSTEMS AIRFILTERS OILFILTERS ELECTRICAL SPARKPLUGS BATTERIES CHARGERS ENGINE PISTONS SUSPENSION DRIVE CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES CHEMICALS GASCANS TOOLS LOCKS RAMPS /STRAPS TRAILERS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 559 SUPER BOWL • Unique and functional float bowl for late model Keihin carburetors • Eliminates most of the "bogging" associated with high speed whoops and jumps • Minimizes sloshing and foaming so floats work properly • Enables carburetor to draw in the correct fuel and air ratio JET WRENCH and CARRIER JET CARRIER with WRENCH • Eliminates motor sputtering through the whoops and bogging when landing from a jump and G-outs • End throttle response problems crossing streams and bouncing around on rough terrain • Carburetor vent system prevents fuel being vapor-locked in the standard carburetor vent tubes • Vent tubes are routed upward and into the air box to a foam filtered vent box allowing fuel to drain free without hesitation and ensure continual airflow into the carburetor CARBURETOR VENT SYSTEM CARBURETOR VENT SYSTEM 2 Molded neoprene rubber carrier complete with 6mm hex jet removal tool. Store extra jets inside handle. WPS# List 14-5022 $18.95 Application WPS# List Mikuni 12-3301 $7.50 Keihin 12-3302 12.50 Description WPS# List 6mm Hex 12-0859 $4.99 Application WPS# List Keihin PWK/PJ 59-7482 $89.95 ea Applications: All single corroborated off-road motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles with vented float bowls. Handy kit includes all tools necessary to completely disassemble carb, change jets, etc. MIKUNI CARB TOOL KIT WPS# List 12-1866 $18.95 FUEL SYSTEMS