2018 Offroad

EXHAUST TIRES TUBES TIRE ACCESSORIES BIKE ACCESSORIES SNOWBIKE PITBIKE GRAPHICS /SEAT BODY CONTROLS BARS /GRIPS LEVERS CABLES INTAKE FUELSYSTEMS AIRFILTERS OILFILTERS ELECTRICAL SPARKPLUGS BATTERIES CHARGERS ENGINE PISTONS SUSPENSION DRIVE CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES CHEMICALS GASCANS TOOLS LOCKS RAMPS /STRAPS TRAILERS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 195 CARBURETOR/INTAKE GASKETS Carburetor gasket for 49cc 2-stroke Pocket style ATV/ Bike. Center opening is 15mm in diameter. Gasket has holes for vacuum and 2 holes for mounting. Also fits: FS509, X7 FS529, X1,X2, X8, FS517. 49CC 2-STROKE 15MM CARB GASKET Intake gasket fits: 43/49cc 2-stroke Pocket bikes. 43-49CC 2-STROKE INTAKE GASKET Carburetor gasket fits stock MT-A1 carburetors. Also works with carburetor #609-0100. MT-A1 CARBURETOR GASKET Outside # WPS# List 02-0500-15 609-0501 $5.99 Outside # WPS# List 02-0501 609-0502 $5.99 Oustside # WPS# List 02-0513 609-0511 $5.99 Compatible with: MT-A1 style 47/49cc 2-stroke models. Allows for 4 mounting bolt holes. Size: 2” x 2”. MT-A1 47/49CC 2-STROKE Outside # WPS# List 02-0505 609-0550 $5.99 INTAKE MANIFOLDS Made of alloy material. Works with performance Walbro 2-stroke carburetors.Mounts to motor with 4 bolts, carb mounts with 2 bolts and intake manifold has one hole for vacuum. Gasket required, sold separate #609-0550. 2-STROKE INTAKE MANIFOLD Outside # WPS# List 05-0260 609-0773 $12.99 27mm vertical motor intake manifold. Intake has 2 studs attached for mounting. Motor side bolt hole mount spacing: 63mm center to center. 27MM VERTICAL MOTOR INTAKE MANIFOLD Description Outside # WPS# List Angled 05-0212 609-0760 $24.99 Straight 05-0212B 609-0775 25.99 SEE REFERENCE PAGES 227-228 PIT BIKE