2018 Offroad

EXHAUST TIRES TUBES TIRE ACCESSORIES BIKE ACCESSORIES SNOWBIKE PITBIKE GRAPHICS /SEAT BODY CONTROLS BARS /GRIPS LEVERS CABLES INTAKE FUELSYSTEMS AIRFILTERS OILFILTERS ELECTRICAL SPARKPLUGS BATTERIES CHARGERS ENGINE PISTONS SUSPENSION DRIVE CHAIN SPROCKETS BRAKES CHEMICALS GASCANS TOOLS LOCKS RAMPS /STRAPS TRAILERS PROMOTIONAL REFERENCE INDEX x X X X X 179 CRF110 132CC BIG BORE KIT Description Year WPS# List BIG BORE KIT CRF110 All 80-9970 $249.95 REPLACEMENT PART Gasket Kit 80-9971 $19.95 Piston Kit 80-9972 108.95 Ring Set 80-9974 35.95 Easy bolt-on power. This is the largest bore kit available that does not require boring your engine cases for additional cylinder sleeve clearance. New aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve, lightweight piston kit and gaskets are included in this complete and ready to go kit. • Aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve • 55mm lightweight piston kit • Gasket kit including cylinder head and cylinder base gaskets 88CC FTP (FLAT-TOP) BIG BORE KIT with CAM A great combination of power, reliability and easy installation makes this kit our best seller. Cylinder retains mounts for easy skid plate installation. Excellent power gains throughout the RPM range. • BBR aluminum cylinder • 52mm flat-top piston, rings, pin, clips • Exclusive BBR motocross-grind camshaft • 18mm carb kit with throttle and cable • Assorted main and pilot jets • Performance manifold and air filter • Complete top end gasket set Application Year WPS# List BIG BORE KIT XR/CRF50 All 80-9960 $369.95 XR/CRF50 (w/o Carb) All 80-9961* 219.95 REPLACEMENT PART Gasket KIt 80-9931 $19.95 Piston Kit Flat Top 80-9962 97.95 Rings 80-9933 31.95 Piston Super Pro 11.1 80-9932 97.95 Rings 80-9933 31.95 CRF/XR100R 120CC BIG BORE KIT with CAM 10 years in the making, this long-awaited kit rocks. Comes complete with custom “big finned” BBR aluminum cylinder, piston, rings, piston pin, clips, BBR exclusive motocross grind performance camshaft, HD valve springs, rockers with tappet adjusters, head and base gaskets. Exhaust and intake gaskets must be purchased separately. Description Year WPS# List BIG BORE KIT CRF/XR100R (120cc) ‘81-13 80-9920 $329.95 REPLACEMENT PART Gasket Kit 80-9921 $19.95 Rings 80-9923 39.95 Piston Kit 80-9922 138.95 * Same as 80-9960, but without carb, air filter, throttle assembly and cable. These items are designed exclusively for closed course competition use ONLY. Use on public lands or highways in the state of California is illegal. PIT BIKE